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Dota Patch 7.32b Released: Chen and Batrider Received Nerfs

Ammar Aryani
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Patch 7.32b was released earlier today to balance the game following the conclusion of ESL One Malaysia 2022.
Mars, Batrider and more received nerfs as Valve tweaks its hero pool for the upcoming regional qualifiers
Soul Ring recipe receives a price hike, as few items receive modifications.

Following the conclusion of ESL One Malaysia 2022, Valve released a hotfix for its recent major update, as Patch 7.32b is released earlier today for Dota 2 to further balance the game. Patch 7.32b nerfs some of the game's glaring imbalances as it fixes some of the game mechanics on certain heroes such as Mars and Centaur Warrunner, while also nerfing some of the currently overpowered heroes such as Mars, Batrider, Chen and more.

Dota 2’s Patch 7.32b also sees Soul Ring’s recipe increased in price, as few items received minor modifications in terms of cast range and bonus attack damage.

Patch 7.32B: The Biggest Losers


Chen was popular amongst the pro players during the past few months, as the hero is mostly used thanks to his pushing abilities with neutral creeps as well as the Hand of God ultimate ability, allowing him to heal his allies globally. The hero itself had a pick rate of 7.15% and a hefty 57.41% win rate probability in the Divine & Immortal brackets for the past month ,according to Dotabuff.

Following the newest patch release, Chen’s reign of terror is slowly coming to an end as it receives quite a heavy nerf, as his healing ability got severely nerf as well as the Penitence ability, which allows him to close the gap by slowing the enemy.

Chen's nerf for Patch 7.32b



Despite being a menace in both the offlane and the midlane, Batrider is still quite heavily used by professional players at both the Arlington Major and ESL One Malaysia 2022. The hero’s laning phase, if played correctly, will wreak havoc to the opposition as his Flaming Lasso, combined with Sticky Napalm and Firefly abilities deals a lot of damage.

According to Dotabuff, Batrider has a whopping 14.07% pick rate, while also having a 54.31% win rate in the Divine and Immortal brackets for the past month. However, those rates might slowly decline following the newest patch as Firefly’s bonus vision was decreased, along with the duration of Flaming Lasso making it harder for the hero to initiate fights.

Batrider's nerf for Patch 7.32b



After having an outstanding performance at ESL One Malaysia 2022 by Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, Mars is considered by the community as one of the heroes that needs fixing. Despite having a significant buff during Patch 7.32’s release, Valve has decided to fix some of the mechanics of the hero after the tournament.

Although the hero had a 17.86% pick rate and a underwhelming 48.82% win rate, the statistics might be lowered even more following the 7.32b patch’s release. The patch decreases the attack bonus damage against heroes from God's Rebuke, as well as increasing the mana cost of his ultimate.

Mars's nerf for Patch 7.32b


Soul Ring

Strength-based heroes might be in for a hard time, as Valve announces that Soul Ring’s price is further increased by 155 gold thanks to a price hike in its recipe. Having mostly been used by heroes such as Timbersaw and Tidehunter, Soul Ring’s price increase will see players struggle in the early stages of the game.

Soul Ring nerf for Patch 7.32b


Following the newest patch release, it will be interesting to see how teams and pro players react to the changes as The International 2022 (TI11) Regional Qualifiers will begin this weekend on 3rd September, with Eastern Europe and South America teams beginning their final attempt to qualify for the coveted tournament.

There are also a lot of other changes including the hotfixes for certain heroes abilities as well as other hero changes. You can read the full Patch Notes on Valve’s official website to keep yourself updated on all of the new changes.

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