Netflix GEEKED revealed DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 release date


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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3: Release Date Revealed

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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 will premiere on August 11, 2022.
Netflix also showcased a five second teaser which contained a series of artworks from the third season of the series

The release date for Season 3 of Dota 2 and Netflix's animated series, DOTA: Dragon's Blood, has finally been revealed. Season 3 of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will be released on August 11, 2022 just eight months after Season 2 premiered.

Season 3 of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood seems like it will continue the journey of Dragon Knight, Luna, Invoker and even Mirana, with an eye-catching five-second teaser showcasing some of the scenes we can expect in the new season. Other than this, Netflix GEEKED WEEK Day 5 stream did not reveal too much more information about the series. There may be another trailer that could debut later this year.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3: Release Date

DOTA: Dragon's Blood will return for Book 3 on August 11, 2022,” wrote Dota 2 insider Wykrhm Reddy on Twitter shortly after the news was announced on Netflix’s stream. He also posted an artwork of Invoker holding a doll (possibly his daughter’s) alongside the announcement.

With a couple of months to go until the actual season comes out, a lot of speculation will likely take place regarding its plot. Studio Mir, which handled the production for the first and second seasons, will continue to helm the project for the third season as well.

The third season is expected to be the last one in the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood series. The show’s creator Ashley Edward Miller had previously indicated that he would love to get at least 3 seasons to wrap up the story of Davion and Mirana. But we won’t know the fate of future seasons for certain, until after the release of Season 3 in August.

But even if the story centered around Davion the Dragon Knight concludes, we could potentially see other Dota 2-inspired tales centering on other heroes from other regions in the Dota 2 lore

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