Aghanim’s 2021 Collector’s Cache


Dota 2 Update Brings Aghanim’s 2021 Collector’s Cache, Labyrinth Rewards and More

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Dota 2 just released a balance update along with updates to the Aghanim Labyrinth’s The Continuum Conundrum seasonal event.
There is a new Aghanim’s Collector’s Cache featuring 18 new items added to the game based on community votes. Each of the new sets can be purchased for $2.49 each until the end of the current battle pass.
There is still no news about the scheduled release of the next gameplay update

Dota 2 just received a major update which adds yet another set of rewards to the game as part of the Aghanim's Labyrinth’s The Continuum Conundrum seasonal event and the ongoing battle pass. The new update adds a brand-new Aghanim’s Collector’s Cache that has been made available for purchase until the battle pass comes to an end.

It also added a new gameplay patch to the Aghanim's Labyrinth’s The Continuum Conundrum seasonal event balancing heroes and encounters. The event will also reward players with various custom emojis for doing well in the limited time event.

What is the Aghanim’s Collector’s Cache?

The Aghanim’s Collector’s Cache includes 18 new items for heroes that were selected based on player votes. Valve used the community votes and designs by community artists to create all 18 items. Each of the sets can be purchased for $2.49 until the end of the current battle pass.

Here are the results of the community polls:

  • Chaos Knight - 366,364 votes

  • Ogre Magi - 362,974 votes

  • Dragon Knight - 309,696

  • Phantom Lancer - 308,474 votes

  • Dawnbreaker - 299,750 votes

  • Clockwerk - 287,363 votes

  • Phantom Assassin - 284,424 votes

  • Razor - 270,227 votes

  • Ancient Apparition - 256,453 votes

  • Chen - 246,221 votes

  • Grimstroke - 242,631 votes

  • Broodmother - 240,884 votes

  • Mars - 235,436 votes

  • Rubick - 233,860 votes

  • Drow Ranger - 224,878 votes

  • Alchemist - 217,552 votes

  • Axe - 215,059 votes

  • Abaddon - 209,704 votes

Players who open more treasure will have higher odds of opening bonus rare items. Opening 15 treasures offers a 36-level battle pass boost. If you run into any items you don’t want, you can recycle them for two battle pass levels.

The new Dota 2 update also adds new rewards and gameplay to the Aghanim’s Labyrinth mode. Players will receive custom emoticons for completing each difficulty ranging from Apprentice to Apex Mage. The rewards are retroactive and if you have already completed the labyrinth, you will receive rewards upon logging in.

Balance Changes

A new set of balance changes were introduced as part of the new update, which include:

  • A new set of legacy combat encounters added for Act 1 at Magician and higher difficulties

  • Surge ascension modifier move speed increase reduced from 50% to 40%, and the enemies can now be slowed

  • Reduced base armor on many bosses and captains

  • Reduced health and damage sensitivity of Toothy Toothums

  • Reduced health regeneration of enemy Alchemist Chemical Rage

  • Reduced damage of Brain Sap and Fiend's Grip in Demonic Woods

  • Glarf's Bloodlust option has been improved from 2 encounters, 50 bonus attack speed, 12% bonus movement speed to 3 encounters, 60 bonus attack speed, and 15% bonus movement speed

  • Fixed Carrie not leveling up with Ascension in Bug Bait

  • Fixed Bogdugg's Cudgel and Femur not working

  • Fixed cases of patrolling units being exploitable via attacks outside their aggro radius

  • Bosses will now only begin their fights once they've seen the player

  • Fixed being able to drop movement speed items to circumvent movement speed cap for trap rooms

  • Trap Room base movement speed increased from 350 to 360

  • The following items are no longer purchasable from the main shop: Creature Blade Mail Outworld Meteorologist Meteor Hammer Continuum Key

  • Fixed Pudge Encounter map on west side having too a narrow channel for Pudge to get through


  • Enfeeble: Cast reduction minor shard increased from 3 to 4%

  • Fiend's Grip: Mana drain minor shard combined with damage per second minor shard


  • Singe: Knockback distance increased from 50 to 72

  • Singe: Knockback duration increased from 0.1 to 0.2

  • Singe: Slow duration increased from 1 to 2


  • Solar Guardian: Cooldown reduced from 120/110/100 to 100

  • Lightbringer: Mana cost reduced from 100 to 75

  • Lightbringer: Duration increased from 5 to 6

  • Lightbringer: Cooldown decreased from 60 to 45

  • Sun Sentinel: Duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds

  • Death of a Star: Fixed some cases where the cast would not start

  • Death of a Star: Now increases base heal by 75


  • Glimpse: Bonus damage minor shard increased from 40 to 50

  • Static Storm: Cooldown reduced from 90/80/70 to 60/55/50

  • Shocking Travel: Increased damage from intelligence from 70% to 100%

  • Pacific Storm: Damage reduction increased from 30 to 50%, and also slows movement speed by 50%.

Drow Ranger

  • Gust: Bonus blind percent minor shard increased from 5 to 7

  • Marksmanship: Active cooldown reduced from 70 to 60

  • Silent Echo: Now also grants Drow 2 agility for every enemy hit and 4 agility for every captain hit for 12s.

  • Fleet-Footed: Now applies a basic dispell on allies.


  • Missile Ride: Area of effect increased from 90 to 120

  • Missile Ride: Now deals 2x damage

  • First Strike: Fixed it having no effect if cast again while already having Flak Cannon active


  • Blade Fury: Duration minor shard decreased from 1.0 to 0.75

  • Detonate Ward: Now increases Healing Ward radius by 150.

  • White-Hot Katana: Ignite duration increased from 5 to 10

  • White-Hot Katana: Ignite damage increased from 25% to 50%


  • Torrent: Damage shard increased from 50 to 75

  • Tidebringer: Damage increased from 15/30/45/60 to 20/40/60/80

  • Tidebringer: Damage shard increased from 15 to 20

  • Ghostship: Cooldown reduced from 80/70/60 to 60

  • Ghostship: Removed rum absorb minor shard

  • Ghostship: Added 150 damage minor shard

  • Tsunami: Now fires a single wave forward that deals 250% of Tidebringer's damage as magic.


  • Frost Shield: Damage reduction increased from 5/10/15/20 to 7/14/21/28

  • Chain Frost: Cooldown reduced from 100/80/60 to 60/55/50

  • Anti-Magic Shield: Duration is now 50% of Frost Shield's duration


  • Fiery Soul: Removed stack duration minor shard

  • Fiery Soul: Removed mana cost / cooldown minor shard

  • Fiery Soul: Attack and movement speed shards combined into one upgrade

  • Dragon Trail: Now creates a Light Strike Array for every 250 distance rather than a fixed 4 (base power unchanged)

  • Ignition: Now uses Laguna Blade's damage instead of Dragon Slave's


  • Eclipse: Cooldown reduced from 140/130/120 to 90

  • Lunatic Frenzy: Lifesteal increased from 20 to 25%

  • Lunatic Frenzy: Duration multiplier increased from 3 to 4


  • Empower: Removed cooldown/mana cost shard

  • Reverse Polarity: Cooldown reduced from 90 to 75

  • Over-Empower: Now triggers a 50% strength Reverse Polarity at the target when cast instead of granting full bonuses.

  • Shock and Awe: Now stuns instead of slows targets. Damage reduction changed from 75% for 2.5 seconds to 50% for 2.5 + stun duration seconds.

  • Too Many Waves: Internal cooldown decreased from 4 to 3.


  • Arena of Blood: Cooldown reduced from 90 to 75

  • Anyway, Here's Spearwall: Now causes soldiers to attack twice as fast and knock enemies back half the amount

  • Stunning Rebuke: Now grants 2 charges of God's Rebuke. The stun duration is now 50% of the knockback slow duration.


  • Guardian Angel: Cooldown reduced from 160/140/120 to 120

  • Guardian Angel: HP Regen minor shard increased from 8 to 12

  • Heal Life Angel: Purification Trigger chance from 20 to 25%

Queen of Pain

  • Sonic Wave: Cooldown reduced from 125 to 100

  • Fervent Assault: Buff duration increased from 4 to 10. Effect can now stack multiple times.

  • Hall of Pain: Area of effect increased from 80 to 125

  • Discordant Force: Attack damage increased from 10 to 15, and now gives 1% spell amplification per hit instead of attack speed.

  • Haunting Echoes: No longer creates a scream at the start location

Sand King

  • Base armor increased by 1

  • Burrowstrike: Damage upgrade from 60 -> 75

  • Burrowstrike: 0.75 stun duration minor shard has been added

  • Sandstorm: Blind and Slow have been combined into one upgrade

  • Caustic Finale: Explode damage minor shard from 40 to 50

  • Caustic Finale: Damage over time minor shard from 7 to 8

  • Caustic Finale: Slow minor shard has been removed

  • Epicenter: Attack Speed slow minor shard has been removed

  • Epicenter: Cooldown reduced from 120/110/100 to 100

  • Transport Burrow: Now creates an Epicenter at the arrival destination that pulses once for each second of Burrowstrike Stun duration.

  • Independent Sandstorm: Now also gives Sand King bonus movement speed equal to the slow


  • Pounce: Damage shard increased from 50 to 75

  • Pounce: Distance shard now also increases speed

  • Brackish Bath: Now always also affects Slark when another unit is targeted

  • Gone Fishing: Now also grants 2 charges of Pounce.

  • Lucky Catch: Proc chance increased from 15% to 20%.


  • Shedding Skin: Aura radius increased from 900 to 1600

  • Shedding Skin: Damage increased by 50%

Void Spirit

  • Resonant Pulse: Absorb Per Unit minor shard increased from 15 to 20

  • Phantom Attack: Critical strike damage increased from 200% to 300%


  • Time Lapse: Cooldown reduced from 70/55/40 to 60/50/40

  • Back To Basics: Now also casts Shukuchi on the ally afterwards.

  • Explosive Reality: Now triggers explosions all along the path rather than only the start and end positions.

Winter Wyvern

  • Ice Cold Killing: Now emanates the current level of Splinter Blast every second with 50% damage

Witch Doctor

  • Death Ward: Cooldown reduced from 80 to 60/55/50

  • Invigorating Charm: Now also grants 8% spell lifesteal

  • Bewitched: No channel Death Ward duration from 50 to 100%

  • Spirit Balm: Removed

  • Strange Boon: Removed

In addition to the balance changes and content updates, the Dragon’s Blood anime is also back with Season 2, which is currently airing on Netflix.

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