TI11 Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules


Dota 2 Releases TI11 Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules

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Valve released The International 2022 (TI11) Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules.
In line with the leaks earlier this month, the Sticker Capsule is available in four different versions and are permanent collectibles
Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules can be bought and sold on the Steam Marketplace, like its CS:GO counterpart.

Earlier today, Valve announced that it has dropped a small update for Dota 2. The update is dedicated to the upcoming The International 2022 (TI11) as the update introduces the TI11 Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules for the TI11 Battle Pass.

The sticker capsules for the first 12 invited teams along with their players were released today, with another 18 for the teams competing in the Regional Qualifiers and Last Chance Qualifiers due to be released by the end of the month. The stickers are permanent collectibles, meaning that it will not expire along with the battle pass.

Valve releases autographed player stickers content for Dota 2

Despite the leaks for the TI11 Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules being revealed by data miners earlier this month, Valve seemingly has kept its promise of releasing new content for the upcoming TI11. Earlier today, Valve released a small update to its game client for the upcoming release of its True Sight 2021 documentary; however that’s only half of the update.

The update also included the release of TI11’s Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules, with 50% of the revenue earned will be distributed to all teams included in the capsules. However, the update only released the sticker capsules of the first twelve teams who have earned their TI11 invitation through the Dota Pro Circuit, as the remaining eighteen teams from the Regional Qualifiers and the Last Chance Qualifiers sticker capsules are expected to be released by the end of the month.

What do Dota 2 Sticker Capsules do?

Well, it is similar to its CS:GO counterpart except instead of putting the stickers on AK-47’s and M4’s, players can put the stickers on their favorite heroes to showcase their support for their favorite teams or players.

Example of Dota 2 Sticker Capsule usage.

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Players can also build their own Team Sticker Collection, by putting stickers in the Sticker Collection page of the game client and redeem up to sixteen Battle Pass levels for completing 1, 5, 10 or all 30 teams. The Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules also come in four different versions, with Basic, Glitter, Holo and Gold, with the latter being the highest quality stickers. Finally, like its CS:GO counterparts, players can either trade or sell the sticker capsules on the Steam Marketplace.

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