Custom Creep Skins for TI11 Battle Pass


Dota 2 Data Miners Discover Custom Creeps Skin for TI11 Battle Pass

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Following the discovery of the upcoming player stickers, the same Dota 2 data mining group discovered custom creeps skin for the TI11 Battle Pass.
At first, the community was disappointed that the TI11 Battle Pass was still a work in progress with a lot of other content missing in comparison to last year’s Battle Pass, such as custom map terrain and creeps.
According to the leaks, the skins are expected to be released alongside the second part of the Battle Pass during the Diretide event.

It has not been a good week for Valve as the community was disappointed with its decision to release The International 2022 (TI11) Battle Pass in two different parts, with a lot of the content still being a work in progress. Players were also miffed with Valve’s decision to allow PGL to obtain a betting sponsor for TI11 Regional Qualifiers. However, it seems that Valve is quietly listening to the playerbase’s criticism as a data mining group discovered the presence of custom creeps skin within the game’s database files.

Although it is unknown whether the skins will be available for public use in the TI11 Battle Pass, it is expected that Valve will reveal the skins during the Diretide event.

Data mining group leaks Custom Creeps Skin for the TI11 Battle Pass

It seems that Valve has been secretly working on releasing extra content as Dota 2 datamining group, DОТА_DM recently discovered the data for custom creeps skin. This was unexpected as Valve did not introduce any custom skins for creeps during its announcement of the TI11 Battle Pass.

The data mining group gave the Dota 2 community a sneak peek at the planned material by revealing its findings on its Telegram channel.

Custom Creep Skins for TI11 Battle Pass

Both of the custom skins were nicknamed as “creep_dire_winter_ancient_hulk” and “creep_radiant_winter_ancient_hulk”, with winter referring to the second part of the TI11 Battle Pass as Valve announced the return of Diretide in its announcement of the Battle Pass.

It is unknown whether the skins will be available for public use in the TI11 Battle Pass as Valve could use them as assets for the Diretide event itself. However, there is also the possibility that Valve may reveal the skins for the release of the second part of the TI11 Battle Pass.

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