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Did Skiter Just Pee in a Bottle Due to DPC Rules?

Ammar Aryani
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TI11 champion and Tundra Esports carry player Oliver "skiter" Lepko recently made headlines following a shocking Twitter post.
During the team’s match against Into The Breach, skiter claimed that he was forced to relieve himself by using a bottle.
Here is what the Dota 2 community had to say about skiter’s recent “adventure”.

The International 2022 (TI11) champion and the current carry player of Tundra Esports, Oliver "skiter" Lepko recently posted a surprising Twitter post saying that he had to relieve himself using a bottle during an official Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) match.

Tundra Esports faced British organization Into The Breach during the start of Week 2 of the Western Europe (WEU) DPC, however during Game Two of the series Tundra were forced to pause the game mid-way through the match for personal reasons.

Dota 2 community reacts to skiter’s wild adventure

During Game Two between Tundra Esports and Into The Breach in the WEU DPC, Tundra Esports paused the game midway through the match for unknown reasons. However, the reason later turned out to be Oliver "skiter" Lepko, who had to pee into a bottle.

While many were in disbelief at first, skiter went on to post about his recent adventure on Twitter with a bottle presumably containing his bodily fluids.

Following the post, here are some of the reactions from the Dota 2 community:


Shopify Rebellion’s Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek, who is well known for his comedic antics simply replied by thanking skiter for sharing the picture with the rest of the Internet.


TSM’s Enzo "Timado" Gianoli went on to ask the Slovakian player if he is interested in selling his bodily fluids to him, a reference towards Belle Delphine’s bathwater meme.


Dota 2 community artist @ForTheCubs responded by simply posting a picture of Team Fortress 2’s Sniper equipped with the secondary weapon Jarate in reference to skiter’s post. For those unfamiliar with the weapon, Jarate is famously well-known within the TF2 community as it is filled with Sniper’s urine.

The official handbook for the DPC 2023 Winter Tour prohibits players from using the restroom during the middle of a game. It reads, “Players are not allowed to access the restroom during a game until the end of it. Doing so will result in a LVL 2 penalty, taking away bonus time during the draft in the next game. An exception is a health threatening condition requiring emergency medical treatment.”

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