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Daxak Started Practicing Offlane in His Ranked Games

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Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin was recently spotted practicing offlane heroes in his ranked matches.
The Russian carry is currently teamless after his recent stint with BetBoom Team came to an end, following the roster’s release back in early November.
While the player is currently practicing a new role, Daxak confirms that he will most likely miss out on the first regional tour of the 2022/2023 DPC season.

Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin is well-known for playing unconventional, non-agility carry heroes such as Visage, Nature's Prophet and more, but it looks like the player will be looking to transition into a new role as he was recently spotted practicing offlane in public matches. Daxak had a decent season with BetBoom Team, as the roster managed to achieve a top eight finish at the Stockholm Major and it also qualified for The International 2022 (TI11) through the Regional Qualifiers.

However, the team was unable to advance from the TI11 Group Stage as it was eliminated in a brutal tiebreaker between itself, Soniqs, and BOOM Esports. Following the team’s exit from the tournament, BetBoom announced it had released its roster into free agency.

Daxak to possibly swap into the offlane position

Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin, like many other players, has been grinding in public matches during the off-season. Daxak spent the majority of the season playing with BetBoom Team, before being released in early November. However, it looks like the Russian carry is looking to swap his current role for a new role in the offlane position according to his Dota2ProTracker profile.

Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin's Dota2ProTracker profile

According to his Dota2ProTracker profile, Daxak has played 44 matches in the past week. However, the community spotted a weird difference as Daxak has been playing heroes that are mostly suitable in the offlane position such as Batrider, Venomancer, Tidehunter and more.

While Daxak has been practicing a lot in the offlane position, it seems like the player has not found much success playing the role in ranked games as he had a 43% win rate. His Batrider had the lowest win rate with only 3 wins out of 8 played matches.

Despite the sudden change of roles, Daxak stated that he will most likely not play in the first regional tour of the season during a recent livestream on his Twitch channel. According to, Daxak’s future plans were to either find a team or build a team from scratch for the upcoming season; however he currently does not have the strength to commit to either options.

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