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CS:GO Legend F0rest Talks About How He Could Have Pursued a Career in Dota 2

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CS:GO legend Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg recently appeared as a guest on Duncan "Thorin" Shields’s podcast.
While talking about his days in the Valve FPS scene, he also talked about his experience with Dota in its early days.
F0Rest noted if he would transition to the MOBA scene, he would play as a mid laner.

CS:GO legend Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg was recently invited as Duncan "Thorin" Shields’s guest on the latter’s Reflection podcast. While f0rest was mostly talking about his time within the CS:GO scene with Thorin, he also discussed with Thorin about other games before the latter pointed out that f0rest could have been a Dota professional player instead, had Dota’s esports scene been more attractive at the time.

F0rest also noted that if he ever wanted to transition towards the Valve MOBA scene, he would play as mid laner, citing Shadow Fiend as his primary hero for the lane.

F0rest Reflects on His Experience with Dota In Its Early Days

Recently, Thorin had the opportunity to interview f0rest, a CS:GO legend who last played for Dignitas earlier this year on his podcast, Reflections. While they mostly talked about f0rest’s time within the CS:GO scene, Thorin also talked about f0rest’s interest in any other games. “In Counter Strike, I always had a side game. I always played side games. I know back in Fnatic’s Counter Strike 1.6 roster, people were complaining that I was playing Dota during my free time and I was like asking other people, what are you doing in your free time? They said they were watching football. Oh great, so I can't exactly play Dota but you can go watch football during your free time.” said f0rest when asked about his hobbies outside the FPS scene.

Thorin then asked if f0rest could have gone in a different direction, playing in the MOBA scene instead of Counter Strike. F0rest replied by saying that “Definitely! I think so, without sounding too arrogant. I was a pretty good ranked player back in the days in Dota. So if I wanted to pursue that at that time, yeah I think I could definitely have made it [as a Dota player].” F0rest also added on by saying that he would play in the mid lane with one of Dota’s most iconic mid lane heroes, Shadow Fiend.

F0rest then noted that his decision did not happen due to Dota’s unattractiveness towards players at the time, as the community did not see Dota as a viable esports scene at the time. “But they had a pro scene but it was not very attractive at the time, it was niche to say the least. At the time, it was not looking good. But nowadays, Dota has turned out well for the esports scene.”

[Relevant section begins at 44:23]

It would have been interesting to see f0rest in the Valve MOBA scene, had he decided to invest his time in Dota.

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