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Cr1t Thinks Current Dota 2 Patch Is “Like a League of Legends Patch”

Vignesh Raghuram
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In a livestream, EG support Cr1t stated that the current Dota 2 Patch is like a League of Legends patch because of the very narrow meta hero pool.
He also stated that he is really looking forward to the Stockholm Major not because of the competition, but because a balance patch is expected to release after the major.
"When you make patches like this you’re choking the players into playing the same sh*t every game,” he said.

Dota 2’s Patch 7.31b was released over two months ago, bringing multiple changes with it, including the introduction of Primal Beast and a reworked Techies. However, pro players and fans seem like they’re already frustrated with it, since both competitive matches and pub games have become stale and only feature a limited set of heroes over and over again.

Evil Geniuses’ support player Andreas Franck "Cr1t" Nielsen expressed his frustration about this on his Twitch stream, complaining about how this patch is “like a League of Legends patch.”

EG Cr1t expresses his frustration with current Dota 2 patch

During his livestream, Cr1t said he cannot wait to be done with the upcoming ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major since the game will finally get patched after it concludes.

“I cannot wait for the major to be over,” said Cr1t. “It should be really hype to go to the major, [but] what is really hype is when the major is over and they’re gonna patch the game. That’s going to be hype, that’s really what I am looking forward to. Being able to play this game and enjoy it.”

Continuing on, he explained that the patch is stale and features the same 15 heroes in every game. “This patch just has really low space for innovation, pretty much. Which is sad because this game has so much complexity, but when you make patches like this you’re choking the players into playing the same sh*t every game,” he added.

He even went on to compare this patch with the ones that players usually see in rival MOBA title, League of Legends. “It is like a League of Legends patch. In League of Legends, there [are] 15 heroes in meta every patch. This is what this patch is like.”

It is not just Cr1t who wants a change to the Dota 2 meta. Other pro players like David "MoonMeander" Tan Boon Yang have also expressed their desire for a shift in the meta. MoonMeander even suggested that a small balance patch should be released to make the Stockholm Major 2022 a lot more interesting.

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