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Cr1t- Reveals It Is More Fun to Play in SEA Compared to EU

Ammar Aryani
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Following Shopify Rebellion’s sixth win in a row, Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen was once again pulled aside for a winner’s post match interview.
While he mainly talked about the team's victory and current run of form, he also revealed his favorite region to play pubs in.
He noted that as a support player, he finds it more enjoyable to play in the SEA region compared to Europe.

Shopify Rebellion’s Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen recently spoke about his favorite region to play pubs in amongst other things, following the team’s sixth consecutive win in the North American Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (NA DPC) Tour I: Division I against nouns. Shopify Rebellion along with TSM are now confirmed as NA’s representatives for the upcoming Lima Major in Peru.

Cr1t- has been instrumental in Shopify Rebellion’s recent success in the NA DPC, currently boasting the second highest average KDA of 11.00 behind fellow teammate Abed "Abed" Yusop, in the region, according to

“I think SEA has less griefers than EU” - Cr1t- talks about best region to play pubs in

During his second post match interview, Shopify Rebellion’s support Cr1t- was asked by former teammate turned broadcast talent Clinton "Fear" Loomis about his favorite region to play pubs in.

While he noted that the Europe (EU) region is more competitive, he also said that Southeast Asia (SEA) is his favorite region to play in.  “Well, I think Europe is the most competitive but I think the most fun region to play in is SEA.” he said.

He added on by explaining that SEA players tend to try harder during games as opposed to EU, as the region is well-known for high-ranked players griefing during a ranked match. “[The reason behind it] is because the game is like, SEA players are always trying to win regardless of unfavorable matchups. I think that SEA has less griefers than EU and the cores from SEA try harder most of the time, so for a support player like myself, the chances of getting a core that griefs during a game is a lot less in SEA compared to EU .” he added.

Following the team’s win against nouns, Shopify Rebellion is now locked in as NA’s representative for the upcoming Lima Major for Peru along with TSM. However, the team will face the latter on 29th January as it looks to maintain its undefeated status in the region while its final opponent attempts to do the same.

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