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Cr1t- Expresses Dissatisfaction With EEU's Three DPC Major Slots

Ammar Aryani
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BetBoom Team, Team Spirit & HellRaisers are confirmed as Eastern Europe’s representatives for the upcoming Lima Major following the conclusion of the EEU DPC’s first tour.
However upon hearing that HellRaisers’ depressed kid qualified for the Major, Shopify Rebellion’s Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen gave his thoughts on the matter.
He noted that the quality of teams within the region at the moment does not merit the region to bear 3 Major slots.

Shopify Rebellion’s Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen recently gave his opinion on the Eastern Europe (EEU) region during his livestream. Following the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC)  EEU 2023 Tour 1: Division I, BetBoom Team along with Team Spirit & HellRaisers are confirmed as the region’s representatives for the upcoming Major in Peru.

However, upon hearing that HellRaisers was able to qualify for the Major the Danish support player wasted no time in giving his thoughts on the matter.

"That's kinda fu**d guys, CIS looks really bad" - Cr1t- on EEU having 3 Major slots

During his recent livestream, Cr1t- was simply enjoying playing a ranked game. However, upon seeing a viewer saying that HellRaisers along with Gleb "depressed kid" Zyryanov had qualified for the upcoming Major, Cr1t- instantly went to check the invites as he could not believe the news. Additionally, he seemed surprised to hear that the region has been allocated three Major slots for the entire DPC season.

“Depressed kid [HellRaisers] at the majors? Wait, is he actually going to the Major? Wait, does CIS [also referred to as EEU] have three slots?” he said

After having confirmed that HellRaisers is going to the upcoming Major, Cr1t- wasted no time in giving his own thoughts on the matter by saying that the quality of teams within the region had declined over the years. Furthermore, he noted that the region does not deserve three Major slots due to the decline in quality.

“That’s kind of fu***d guys, I am not going to lie. The CIS region looked pretty bad this season based on what I saw so far. It did not look like a strong region [as opposed to last season].” he added.

With the exception of Team Spirit, the rest of the teams within the EEU DPC underwent massive roster changes during the off-season which saw the arrivals of new talents. Some of the teams fell short of qualifying for the Major, while other notable organizations such as NAVI were relegated to Division II for the upcoming Spring Tour.

As for Cr1t- and Shopify Rebellion, they will be going to the Lima Major alongside TSM as North America’s representatives.

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