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Cr1t- Compares SabeRLight- to Former Teammates Iceiceice and Nightfall

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Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen was the latest member of Shopify Rebellion to be pulled aside for a winner’s post-match interview following the team’s third victory in a row.
He expressed his thoughts on partnering with different offlaners throughout his career.
He also noted that the region has considerably gotten worse in the current season when talking about scrimming with other teams in the region.

Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen was the latest member of Shopify Rebellion to recently be pulled aside for a quick interview following the team’s victory in Division I of the North American Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023): Winter Tour against ALPHA.

During the post-match winner’s interview, Cr1t- talked about his experiences playing with different offlaners as opposed to his new teammate Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek. He also revealed his thoughts about the decline in the Dota 2 North American (NA) scene.

Shopify’s Cr1t- Talks About Playing With Different Offlaners, Team Building & More

During the post match interview,  Shopify Rebellion’s Cr1t- started off by talking about his new partnership with newcomer Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek. While he stated that he felt a bit awkward playing with him at first, he also noted that SabeRLight- 's comedic attitude within the team is similar to having former teammate Daryl "iceiceice" Koh back on the team.

“Well I think Saber definitely has the ability to be a clown in terms of his laning abilities, but I think it fits me very well because the most similar offlaner that I have played was probably iceiceice. It’s a bit different, because last year I played with Egor [Nightfall] who was a stable player but it’s good to have Saber in the team, because it’s like welcoming back an old teammate and he has a wider hero pool, being a natural offlaner.”

He then went on to talk about the team’s schedule in terms of scrimming against other teams in the region. However, he also gave his thoughts on the region’s declining state during the current season as opposed to the previous one.

“Personally, I definitely think that NA is a lot worse than last year. I think there were 3 good teams for the majority of the year and I think nouns have also been very competitive. This year, TSM’s a question mark at the moment [due to roster changes] and we just completely lost Quincy Crew/Soniqs so that hurt the region a little bit. But nouns have been stepping up so maybe we still have 3 good teams in NA. But the rest of the teams are a question mark, since there are many foreign players that I have never seen before.” 

Despite the declining quality of teams within the region, Cr1t- noted that his team have been managing to acquire good practices by playing against Western European & South American teams.

“We’ve practiced a lot with the Western European teams as well as South American teams, so it’s not like we only played with NA teams but we also do not want to face any teams that we have not faced yet in the DPC. I think the NA region is a bit worse than it used to be, but we’re getting by.” 

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Shopify Rebellion’s next scheduled opponents will be 5RATFORCESTAFF on January 20th however many within the community are already predicting that the series will be another easy victory for the Canadian-based organization.

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