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Collapse Reveals His Current Favorite Offlane Heroes

Ammar Aryani
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In Team Spirit’s DPC vlog, offlaner Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov talked about his favorite offlane heroes.
He noted that he liked Magnus the most, however he also noted that he tends to play according to what his team needed.
He also explained that Doom is the worst hero to play as an offlaner at the moment, due to unconventional carry counters such as Lina and Nature’s Prophet.

During the latest episode of Team Spirit’s Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) vlog, star offlaner Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov gave his thoughts on the current meta as an offlaner amongst other things. Team Spirit were recently able to qualify for the upcoming Lima Major, along with BetBoom Team and HellRaisers.

In the vlog, Collapse talked about his favorite heroes as an offlaner before going into details about the current meta. He also mentioned that a certain hero is not viable to play as at the moment due to multiple reasons.

Collapse thinks that Doom is unplayable in the current meta

During the vlog, the host asked Collapse about his thoughts on the series against HellRaisers which they ended up being victorious. After giving out his thoughts, the host immediately asked Collapse about his favorite hero as an offlaner.

Collapse wasted no time in saying that Magnus was his favorite hero, however he also pointed out that he was unable to play the hero throughout the regional tour as the other teams were well aware of Collapse’s massive impact on his favorite hero based on his performances during the past couple of years. “To be honest, my fav hero is Magnus, I wish I could play him every game, but enemies don’t let me.” he said.

Additionally, he also said he is a team player as he is willing to play any hero that the team drafted for him. “Actually, I pick the hero the team needs. I called Beastmaster for myself on the 1st map, he seemed a good option, I like this hero. We called Dark Seer on the 2nd map, I liked him and didn’t mind playing.” he added.

He then went on to explain about Doom’s winrate in the current meta, as the hero was picked by Team Spirit the most in the Eastern Europe (EEU) DPC despite having an abysmal 38.46% win rate according to Liquipedia. He noted that the hero is unable to make an impact due to playing against unconventional carries such as Nature’s Prophet and Lina, who are able to dictate the tempo of the game.

“Doom suffers from fast Dota cause he’s not very strong vs Lina and Furion who are in meta right now. They speed the game and are stronger in the lane. You can farm fast, get BKB, break towers, kill Roshan - all that happens before minute 17. Doom only gets BKB or Blink by that time. You already have Aegis on minute 18, and Doom just got his items, he can’t play like that. Furion also speeds up the game, breaks towers, flies around the map and can steal your farm. That’s why Doom suffers from the meta heroes”

At the moment, Team Spirit are currently playing in the BetBoom Universe: Episode I - Comics Zone tournament as part of the team’s preparation for the upcoming Lima Major. 

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