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Ceb Reveals His Dark Horse Pick to Win the TI11 WEU Qualifiers

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During his livestream for the Z Event 2022 charity event, Sébastien "Ceb" Deb revealed his darkhorse team for The International 2022 (TI11) Western European Qualifiers.
The Dota 2 legend chose British organization Into The Breach as his dark horse team and praised its players.
He also noted that the team might go far in the qualifiers depending on its strategies.

After recently standing in for OG during the PGL Arlington Major, Sébastien "Ceb" Deb has been able to resume his retirement by livestreaming on Twitch for the Z Event 2022 charity event. During one of his livestreams, Ceb gave his insight on the Western European (WEU) Qualifiers by revealing that he had chosen Into The Breach (ITB) as his dark horse team for the upcoming qualifiers.

Ceb further noted that Into The Breach players are good while also suggesting that the team could go far in the qualifiers if they strategize well against their opponents.

Ceb choses Into The Breach as his number one darkhorse team

Ceb began explaining his choices for potential dark horse teams for the upcoming WEU Qualifiers, but singled out Into The Breach as his number one choice for having a deep run in the qualifiers.

“To be honest, I think this Into The Breach team is going to be quite good. I think they might be one of the best out of the outsiders,” he said.

The Dota 2 legend explained to the viewers and said that the ITB’s players are good as he had played with them in the Western European servers before noting that ITB is his number one dark horse team of the qualifiers. “When I see the players [in ITB], I played with all of them in pubs, all of their players are quite good. They’re definitely in my top three dark horses, maybe even top one dark horse team for me” he said.

Ceb then revealed that Into The Breach can go far in the qualifiers if they strategize well during the qualifiers before saying that Team Secret will still be the favorites to win the qualifiers. “The team could go far in the qualifiers, depending on how good their strategies are going to be but they could be my number one dark horse [for the WEU qualifiers]. Never thought I would say that, but ITB has pretty decent players in my opinion.” he said.

Into The Breach was recently promoted to the first division of the Western European region for the next DPC season, having signed the Chicken Fighters roster for the upcoming WEU Qualifiers. The team will face off against Team Secret tomorrow in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals of the WEU qualifiers.

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