BTS Pro Series Returns to SEA and Americas for Season 13

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BTS Pro Series S13 is Back!


Beyond The Summit (BTS) has returned with its thirteenth iteration of the BTS Pro Series with two events to be hosted in Southeast Asia (SEA) and the Americas region
BTS Pro Series S13 will begin on 21st November for SEA with its own group stage and 19th November for the Americas with Phase One
Some of the well known teams like Fnatic, Geek Fam, TSM, and Beastcoast have received direct invitations to the event.

With the conclusion of The International 2022 (TI11), many within the Dota 2 community expected that the off-season would only include transfer rumors & roster announcements. Instead, Beyond The Summit (BTS) has returned with its thirteenth iteration of the BTS Pro Series. Earlier today, BTS announced on Twitter that the thirteenth season of the BTS Pro Series will commence in a few days for both SEA (Southeast Asia) and the Americas. The online event, which boasts a prize pool of $80,000 USD between the two regions, will run until 10th December and will feature some of the top teams from both regions.

Geek Fam officially returns to the competitive scene to join BTS Pro Series S13 in the SEA region

“#BTSProSeries is BACK for a 🍀lucky🍀 13th time!”  said the tournament organization as it announced its thirteenth iteration of the BTS Pro Series.

SEA region

The tournament in the SEA region will begin on 21st Nov with a total of ten teams being invited:

  1. Fnatic

  2. Spawn Team

  3. Execration

  4. Unity Gaming

  5. Geek Fam

  6. Xerxia

  7. Army Geniuses 

  8. Neon Esports

  9. Lilgun

  10. Purple Paradox

The group stage will run for 14 days and will wrap up on 4th December while the playoffs stage will begin on 6th Dec and shall go on till 10th December.

The most surprising news from the SEA region is that Geek Fam has made its official return to the SEA competitive scene after it had disbanded back in 2020. While the roster is yet to be announced, the community can expect great competition from the team with the likes of Fnatic & Execration in the mix.

Americas region

A total of 16 teams have received direct invites to play in the Americas region of the BTS Pro Series S13, which starts on 19th November with Phase 1:

Phase One

  1. Alpha

  2. Team Dogchamp

  3. 5RatForceStaff

  4. The Cut

  5. Infamous

  6. Team Brazil

  7. Cringe Crew

  8. No Runes

Phase Two

  1. Thunder Awaken

  2. Infinity

  3. Wildcard Gaming

  4. Hokori

Phase Three

  1. Nouns

  2. Beastcoast

  3. TSM

  4. T.B.A (to be announced)

The Americas region will follow a different schedule, as Phase One of the competition will begin in a couple of days on 19th Nov. However, many people speculate that the last spot in Phase Three is reserved for the former Evil Geniuses stack as it announced that it would continue to compete in the North American region with possible roster changes.

All teams from both regions are expected to have some roster changes following the conclusion of TI11. So, the community can expect roster announcements from all of the teams invited in the days to come. Further details regarding the BTS Pro Series S13 schedule, broadcast and format for both the Americas and SEA regions have not been made available yet, but the tournament organizers will keep the community informed on its Twitter page.

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