Boom Esports secured a 2-0 victory against Execration


Boom Esports Secures Grand Finals Spot in BTS Pro Series S12

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BTS Pro Series S12 continues with its fourth day of the Playoffs stage with Execration facing off against SEA powerhouse Boom Esports.
The series ended with Boom Esports dominating the series against Execration with a 2-0 victory.
Boom Esports will move on to the Grand Finals of the tournament, while Execration drops down into the Lower Bracket.

Beyond The Summit (BTS) began to turn up the heat as it continued its Playoffs stage for the BTS Pro Series S12. The fourth day of the playoffs stage continued in the Upper Bracket of the tournament, with Boom Esports facing off against Execration.

The series ended up being an interesting match, as Boom Esports narrowly won Game One before stomping Execration in Game Two. With the victory, Boom Esports will move on to the Grand Finals of the tournament.

Boom Esports vs Execration: Match recap

While many expected Boom Esports to win quite easily, Execration proved that its team were no pushovers as it had defeated Fnatic a couple of days ago with a commanding 2-0 stomp, dropping them in the Lower Bracket before being eliminated by Hokori yesterday.

Game One

In Game One, Execration went for an aggressive draft by picking up Monkey King, Batrider in the mid lane and Visage in the offlane. Boom Esports opted to counter Execration’s draft by picking up Leshrac in the safe lane, Queen of Pain (QOP) and Tidehunter.

The early game surprisingly went in the way of Execration, however after the 25 minute mark the game went back and forth between Boom Esports and Execration, with the latter achieving Mega Creeps by destroying all of Boom Esports’s barracks. However, an unsuccessful base defense and no buybacks by Execration caused them the game as Boom Esports secured Game One after 50 minutes.

Game Two

In Game Two, Boom Esports wanted to return the favor by picking their own aggressive draft with Phantom Assassin (PA), Nightstalker in the offlane and Primal Beast in the mid lane. Execration meanwhile, went for a more stable draft in Slark for Jinn "Palos" Lamatao, Puck and Beastmaster.

Execration’s draft did not work as they would have expected, as Boom Esports’s aggressive draft dominated the early game. By the 25th minute mark, Boom Esports had a 20k net worth advantage against Execration, before ending the game at 28 minutes by destroying Execration’s Ancient.

Souliya "JaCkky" Khoomphetsavong’s PA had an outstanding performance, as he had a KDA of 17/1/10 by the end of the game, almost instantly killing every Execration hero on the map.

With the victory, Boom Esports will move on to the Grand Finals of the tournament and guarantee themselves a top two finish. Execration on the other hand, will look for revenge as it awaits the victor of the Hokori vs Team SMG match.

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