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BetBoom Team Dominates Outsiders and Secures TI11 Direct Invite

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BetBoom Team and Outsiders faced each other in the Grand Finals of the Eastern Europe (EEU) Regional Qualifiers.
BetBoom Team dominated Outsiders in the Grand Finals, securing a 3-0 scoreline.
BetBoom Team has secured a direct invitation to The International 2022 (TI11) Group Stage, whereas Outsiders will join NaVi in the Last Chance Qualifiers.

The Eastern Europe (EEU) TI11 Regional Qualifiers has finally concluded as the community witnessed BetBoom Team become the victors of the regional qualifiers. BetBoom dominated Outsiders in the Grand Finals, securing a 3-0 scoreline. Despite the community mostly favoring Outsiders to claim the direct invite, BetBoom Team emerged victorious and proved the doubters wrong.

BetBoom Team has secured its direct invitation to The International 2022 (TI11) Group Stage. Outsiders will join NaVi in the Last Chance Qualifiers and both the teams will have to fight for the remaining two direct invitation slots for the TI11 Group Stage.

BetBoom Team vs Outsiders: Match recap

Going into the series, the community favored Outsiders to win the series against BetBoom Team as the former was on an undefeated streak throughout the qualifiers. However, BetBoom caused an upset and took the series win.

Game One

In Game One, BetBoom drafted Troll Warlord, Death Prophet and an offlane Enigma whereas Outsiders went for Phantom Assassin, Queen of Pain, and Primal Beast with the aid of Undying and Shadow Shaman.

While the early game was fairly quiet, BetBoom’s draft, which heavily focused on objectives, was starting to gain traction as they secured an early Roshan at 17 minutes. From there on, it was all in BetBoom’s favor as they ran down Outsiders with Denis "Larl" Sigitov’s Death Prophet. The match ended at 32 minutes with BetBoom Team securing the first match of the best of five series.

Game Two

Game Two saw Outsiders drafting a more stable draft consisting of Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev’s signature Terrorblade, Beastmaster, and an unconventional Rubick in the mid lane. Meanwhile, BetBoom retained the Enigma, Death Prophet, and picked up Sniper in the mid lane with the carry Pudge.

BetBoom Team controlled the early game while Outsiders stalled for time to allow its core to be ready for team fights. At 42 minutes into the game, Outsiders were ready to go all in as they managed to win a massive team fight near their base at the expense of all of their heroes' buyback. However, Evgeniy "Noticed" Ignatenko’s Enigma managed to catch the Terrorblade and the Rubick with his Black Hole ability and this ended up winning his team Game Two of the series at the 50 minute mark.

Game Three

In Game Three, BetBoom decided to retain the Death Prophet while also drafting Beastmaster, Zeus, and Faceless Void. Outsiders retained the Phantom Assassin and Undying, while also picking up Batrider, Shadow Shaman, and Lycan.

The early game went well for Outsiders, as the team managed to bully the Beastmaster by not allowing him to gain experience in the early phase. However, Outsiders began to crumble as a Roshan attempt cost them heavily, as Daxak’s Faceless Void caught all of them inside the Roshan pit and killed most of them. From there on BetBoom just snowballed right into Outsiders as they dominated the game in spectacular fashion. The game ended in 25 minutes as BetBoom secured a 3-0 clean sweep victory against Outsiders.

Following the huge upset, BetBoom Team defied all odds and managed to grab a direct invitation to the TI11 Group Stage over Outsiders. On the other side, Outsiders will have to join NaVi in the Last Chance Qualifiers in a final attempt to secure a direct invite to the TI11 Group Stage.

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