Bali Major 2023 to Be Held at a Luxurious 5-Star Resort

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Bali Major 2023 Announcement Image


Bali Major 2023 dates and venue have been officially announced by IO Esports and Epulze.
The event will be held from 29th June to 9th July, with the finals taking place at the 5-star luxury resort Ayana Estate.
This will be the first Valve event in Indonesia, a country known for its passionate Dota 2 fans.

The Bali Major 2023 has been announced by IO Esports and Epulze, and it will be the last major of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) before The International 12 (TI12). The event is set to take place from 29th June to 9th July, with the grand finals being held at the Ayana Resort, a luxurious 5-star resort in Bali, from the 7th to 9th July. This is a significant moment for the Dota 2 community in Indonesia which is known for its passionate and dedicated player base, as it is the first Valve event in the country.

The First Valve event in Indonesia

According to the official Bali Major 2023 website, the event promises to offer a unique intersection between professional Dota 2 and a relaxing getaway. Fans can expect a lot of tourist activities alongside the intense Dota 2 competition. 

“The Bali Major is a massive event for all DOTA 2 fans, especially those residing in Indonesia. Our top priority is ensuring that everyone will have a great time, whether they are joining us here at AYANA Resort or watching the matches from the comfort of their homes. Players are not the only ones getting in on the action as we have various fan activities planned too. Follow our social media channels and join in the fun!” said Kenchi Yap, Chief Executive Officer of IO Esports.

''As ardent supporters of the global esports ecosystem, it is our pleasure to be a part of this big step forward for the DOTA 2 competitive scene. Healthy competition is what makes every player and fan fall in love with esports. Our pride lies in making sure that everyone can compete fairly, get recognized for their talents, and most importantly, have tons of fun,”' said Pontus Lövgren, Co-Founder of Epulze.

Information about facilities available to fans at the venue was also released. “Located in the vibrant beachside of Jimbaran, AYANA Estate also provides various world-class facilities, including 14 swimming pools, a secluded beach, 26 dining destinations, and activities that showcase the true Balinese culture and traditions. Our goal is to ensure that every DOTA 2 fan leaves with a special memory from the Bali Major that can only be created here at AYANA,” commented Giordano Faggioli, General Manager at AYANA Estate.

As the final major of the DPC season, the Bali Major 2023 will award teams with the highest amount of DPC points needed to qualify for The International 12. The tournament will feature 18 of the best teams from each DPC region, and the prize pool for the event is set at $500,000 USD. This is also the first Valve event in Indonesia, and it marks a significant moment for the country's Dota 2 community.

With the tournament being the last major of the DPC circuit before The International 12, teams will be giving it their all to secure the highest number of DPC points possible. The event promises to offer a unique experience that combines professional Dota 2 with a relaxing getaway, making it an event that is not to be missed.

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