ATF Reveals How He Joined Quest Esports

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ATF at ESL&nbsp;


Quest Esports secure its first victory in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) 2023 Tour 3: Division I in a close 2-1 series against OG.
The team’s newest addition, Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf was present for the post-match interview where he spoke about his journey to join Quest Esports.
He says that the team contacted him first after the conclusion of Tour 2, where he temporarily joined the team and played a small tournament, which he won.

Quest Esports (formerly known as Ooredoo Thunders) has been making waves in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) scene, thanks to its remarkable performances and the recent acquisition of Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf as its new offlane player. Having had an exceptional run in the DPC WEU Tour 2 Division I, where the team defeated some of the world's strongest teams, Quest Esports fell just short of securing a coveted spot at the Berlin Major 2023. Determined to bounce back, they decided to bolster its roster by welcoming ATF as its new offlane player. Now, Quest Esports aims to secure a high standing in Tour 3, capitalizing on its newfound synergy and firepower.

ATF, previously associated with Nigma Galaxy, made his presence known in his team's first DPC Division I match of Tour 3 against his former team, OG. The series was fiercely contested, ultimately resulting in Quest Esports securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory over OG. In a post-match interview, ATF shared his thoughts on the games and discussed his journey joining Quest Esports.

ATF’s new team and how he joined Quest Esports

Following the intense series against OG, ATF expressed his satisfaction with the hard-fought victory. Having faced his former team, he shared his insights on the games and provided a glimpse into his journey of joining Quest Esports.

“I mean, they (Quest Esports) contacted me after season 2 (Tour 2) and they asked me to join and I tested with them and played with them some small tournament and we won it so I decided that I will join them, and yeah, I like it here, its good,” he said.

ATF essentially states that Quest Esports got into contact with him first after the conclusion of the DPC WEU Tour 2, where he tried playing with the team in a small tournament. ATF is most likely referring to the European Pro League Season 8 which took place between the 10th - 28th of April, which Quest Esports won by defeating D1 Hustlers 3-2. Due to the impressive results in the tournament, ATF decided to join Quest Esports for the next DPC Tour.

He also spoke about playing with his new team and how they allow him to play his small ‘hero pool’ of 5 heroes. 

“This team is really good. They are really good teammates and really good players. They allow me to play my only hero pool that I can play which is 5 heroes and they are really permanent, so I like it,” he added.

ATF's arrival at Quest Esports has brought a renewed sense of determination and synergy to the team. With its recent victory over OG in a closely contested series, Quest Esports is beginning to make its mark in the DPC WEU Tour 3: Division I. ATF's journey to join the team reflects the confidence and belief that both parties have in each other. As Quest Esports aims to secure a high standing in the tournament, ATF's hero pool and the team's solid teamwork provide a strong foundation for success. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing Quest Esports' continued growth and success in the DPC.

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