Arteezy Reigns Supreme on Twitch with Stunning Viewership After Year-Long Absence

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Arteezy returned to streaming on Twitch after a 400-day hiatus with a peak concurrent viewership was over 22.5K and an average concurrent viewership of 17.98K.
Arteezy announced that he will be streaming for a few more days before going on hiatus again, but the schedule is uncertain.

Artour "Arteezy" Babaev returned to livestreaming his ranked games on Twitch after a 400-day hiatus from the site. As expected, his return to livestreaming saw him skyrocket to the top of the Dota 2 category on Twitch where he stayed until he ended his stream. Arteezy clocked a peak concurrent viewership of over 22.5K and maintained an average concurrent viewership of 17.98K.

This dwarfed the viewership of fellow English Dota 2 streamers like Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski and Max "qojqva" Bröcker who only managed an average viewership of 9K and 2.1K respectively.

Arteezy’s return to Twitch sends Dota 2 community into a frenzy

As soon as Arteezy announced that he was streaming on Twitch, Dota 2 fans began tuning into his stream in droves. A thread announcing that the North American star was streaming made its way to the top of /r/dota2 with fans expressing their excitement at his return to Dota 2 streaming.

His stream almost overshadowed the Grand Finals of the BetBoom Xmas Show which saw Gaimin Gladiators beat Team Spirit in a 3-2 thriller. The English stream of the Grand Finals only managed a peak viewership of 22.83K, just a few hundred ahead of Arteezy’s. 

Fans who tuned into his stream were treated to Arteezy’s usual BabyRage moments, like when he blamed his Sushi for a misclick.

He also jokingly showed that he had a positive mental attitude (PMA) by attempting to play a game, even though it seemed almost impossible to win.

He also managed to make some insane plays during his stream. His casual Aegis steal on Spectre was certainly the highlight of the day. It was evident that Arteezy still has the game sense, reflexes, and skill to outplay all of his opponents. 

Arteezy announced during the stream that he will be streaming for a few more days before going on hiatus again, although the schedule is uncertain. Make sure to keep an eye on his Twitch channel and turn on notifications to catch his stream.

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