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Ana’s Outstanding Plays Earn T1 a Win in the SEA Regional Qualifiers

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T1 and Execration faced off against each other in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals of The International 2022 (TI11) Southeast Asia Qualifiers.
Despite an impressive showing from Execration in Game Two, T1 will ultimately claimed its first win of the qualifiers with a commanding 2-0 scoreline.
Following the win, T1 will move on to the Upper Bracket Semi Finals where it shall face RSG.

The International 2022 (TI11) Regional Qualifiers are starting to heat up as the final set of qualifiers are beginning today. Both Western Europe (WEU) and Southeast Asia (SEA) regions are in the mix and T1’s newest roster faced off against Execration in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals of TI11’s SEA Regional Qualifiers. The series saw Anathan "ana" Pham carry T1 to victory as the team secured a 2-0 win over Execration.

Following this win, T1 will face RSG in the Upper Bracket Semi Finals in a couple of days while Execration will fall to the Lower Bracket.

T1 vs Execration: Match recap

The community had high expectations from T1, as the organization recently picked up two-time TI winners Anathan "ana" Pham & Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen to replace the departing Karl "Karl" Baldovino & Kim "Gabbi" Santos.

Game One

Game one saw T1 drafting an unconventional Marci carry for ana whilst picking up Morphling and Nature’s Prophet. On the opposing side, Execration picked up a carry Pudge for Jinn "Palos" Lamatao along with Shadow Fiend (SF) and Death Prophet in the offlane.

The early game was going horribly for T1 as Topson was constantly being pressured in the mid lane. On the other hand Ana’s Marci was dominating his lane and this allowed the rest of T1 to help Topson recover in the mid game. Execration had no answers for the carry Marci as it called the game at 30 minutes, giving T1 its first victory of the series.

Game Two

Game Two of the series saw Execration retaining the Death Prophet and Shadow Fiend once again while also picking up Lycan as an offlane hero. On the other side, T1 went for one of Topson’s signature heroes, Pugna while also retaining the Morphling and Marci.

This time, Execration was the aggressor as it was constantly winning team fights in the early game. However, ana’s Morphling was playing very well as he turned things around for T1 in the later stages of the game. Despite attempts from Justine "Tino" Grimaldo’s Lycan to force a third game by backdooring T1’s base, T1 managed to end the game at 52 minutes to close the series with a 2-0 stomp.

Despite having a short time to build chemistry with other members of T1, Anathan "ana" Pham had an outstanding performance, as he managed to obtain a combined KDA of 24/2/17 and only died once in both games.

Following this victory, T1 will move on to the Upper Bracket Semi Finals and shall face off against RSG in two days. Execration has a perilous journey ahead as the team is on its final chance to qualify to TI11 through the Lower Bracket.

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