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Alliance Falls to Entity’s Wacky Drafts At ESL One Malaysia 2022

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Alliance lost to Entity 2-0 in their first series of the group stage in the ESL One Malaysia 2022.
Entity continues its form from the Arlington Major as the team steamrolled Alliance in both games.
Entity will face Talon Esports later today after its win over Alliance.

Following its impressive form from the PGL Arlington Major, Entity continues to impress the Dota 2 community as it defeated Alliance in a clean sweep in a best of two series. Entity’s wacky drafts helped them to steamroll Alliance, as they were not prepared for Entity’s aggressiveness in both games. Following the 2-0 clean sweep over Alliance, Entity will later face Southeast Asian (SEA) uprising team Talon Esports in their home territory as it hopes to close Day One of the group stage with another comfortable 2-0 win.

Alliance vs Entity: Match recap and highlights

ESL One Malaysia 2022 began today Alliance taking on Entity in full strength, as Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko returns to the lineup following his absence at the PGL Arlington Major due to visa issues.


Entity vs Alliance - Game One

Entity opened its draft with its signature combo of Enigma, Visage and Chen for Tobias "Tobi" Buchner Daniel "Stormstormer" Schoetzau and Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk to provide push potential, while Razor was given to Pure to cover any holes within the draft. Alliance struggled to gain momentum in Game one as Entity’s “zoo” draft made it difficult to gain an advantage during teamfights, where Entity won consecutively to the point where Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov’s Pudge carry and Aliwi "w33" Omar’s Windranger were rendered useless during the whole match. Entity won the first match with a kill scoreline of 33-8, with Pure achieving a KDA of 16/1/10 during the whole match.

Entity vs Alliance - Game Two

Game two was basically a repeat of game one, where Alliance struggled against Entity who didn’t change much of its draft, with the exception of Pudge being used by Pure and Invoker by Stormstormer. Despite Alliance picking Faceless Void and an offlane Viper, the team struggled as it was getting steamrolled by Entity’s draft once again, to the point where Yaroslav "Limitless" Parshin’s Viper was forced to go into the jungle while using the Hand of Midas to help regain a net worth advantage, while Pure’s Pudge was hooking and taunting Alliance’s players for fun. The match ended around the 23 minute mark as Alliance had enough of the game and called “GG”.


Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko was considered to be the outstanding player of the series, as his Razor and Pudge amassed a combined KDA of 32/1/20 during the whole series, dying just once.

Entity later faced off against SEA upstart Talon Esports and went on to also achieve a clean 2-0 victory against them. Alliance on the other hand, need to regroup for tomorrow as they received another 0-2 defeat, this time at the hands of Team Secret, who earlier defeated Thunder Awaken in a 2-0 clean sweep.

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