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Alliance Exits Dota 2 For the Time Being

Vignesh Raghuram
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Alliance's Dota 2 division has announced it will not continue in the upcoming season due to unsuccessful contract negotiations with two key players.
Owners Loda and Kelly apologized to fans and expressed commitment to building a new roster, while thanking sponsors and staff for their support.
The organization emphasized the importance of fan support and remains dedicated to competing for the Aegis trophy in future Dota 2 events.

Sweden based esports organization Alliance, has made an unexpected announcement stating that its Dota 2 division will be halting operations ahead of the upcoming competitive season. The news comes as a surprise to fans and players alike, as the team had a competitive roster that had a respectable showing in The ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: Western European Qualifiers. It seems like there was a disagreement in contract negotiations with a couple of the players that reached an impasse, leading to the discontinuation of the team's current project.

Alliance Parts Ways With Dota 2 Lineup

Jonathan “Loda” Berg and Kelly Milkies, the owners of Alliance since 2018, expressed their disappointment in a public statement, noting the challenges they faced and the difficult decision they had to make. They extended a heartfelt apology to fans for the update, ensuring that they are still committed to the Dota 2 scene and are already strategizing the next steps to build a new roster.

The Alliance leadership also took the time to acknowledge the support of their sponsors. They also expressed gratitude towards the various staff members and the players who have worked tirelessly throughout what has been described as a tough season. The statement also reflected on the importance of fan support, with a special mention of those who actively engage with the team's activities, such as watch parties and fan meets.

Loda and Kelly also thanked the global Dota 2 Alliance fanbase for their unwavering support and promised to continue working towards bringing the Aegis of Champions home again. 

The Alliance is one of Dota 2’s most historically significant organizations having secured The International 2013 (TI3) title in what is arguably the greatest Grand Finals in the golden era of Dota 2 esports. The team’s rivalry with Natus Vincere across multiple tournaments was one of the founding blocks that shaped Dota 2 esports over the years.

So seeing the legendary organization make an exit from Dota 2 is heartbreaking for the legion of fans that it has maintained despite not possessing recent successes. However, despite this setback, the organization has not fully exited from esports and continues to maintain rosters in titles like Trackmania, Apex Legends, and also sponsors Andreas "Android" Lindgren in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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