Alliance dominate EU and become first EU team with a spot in the DPC Season 2 Major


Alliance dominate EU and become first EU team with a spot in the DPC Season 2 Major

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  • Alliance becomes the first team in the EU Upper Division to secure a spot to the second Major of the DPC 2021
  • Alliance have powered through the season, beating seasoned teams and veterans like OG, Team Secret, Team Liquid and Team Nigma and look to be in strong form.
  • With Alliance's qualification, there are only three spots remaining for the rest of the teams. The next week of EU Dota will be the decider for the rest of the teams

Alliance became the first team in the DPC 2021 S2 Europe Upper Division to qualify for the second Major of DPC 2021 with their 2-1 victory over Tundra Esports on May 11, 2021. Alliance has been a powerhouse throughout season 2 of the DPC, and currently hold the top spot with a 5-1 W-L score. The players have been performing well in 2021 with the team finishing second in the previous season of the DPC. Alliance will also be one of the teams to attend both Majors of DPC 2021. Since this spot has been secured by Alliance, the remainder of the Upper Division will only have three more spots for the Major. The middle pack will also become more competitive. 

Alliance dominate EU and become first EU team with a spot in the DPC Season 2 Major

Alliance secure spot to the second Major of DPC 2021

A total of five teams qualified for the Major with Alliance joining Virtus Pro and Team Spirit from the CIS region, Team Aster from the China region, and NoPing e-Sports from the SA region.

Alliance has proven to be a strong force this season beating Team Liquid in week 1, smashing past two time TI winners OG, and Team Nigma in week 2, handling season one champions Team Secret in week 3, and beat Tundra Esports in their most recent series which secured them the spot in the Major.

The team has dropped only one series in an unexpected loss against underdog team Brame. With a guaranteed spot at the Major, Alliance has only one series left to play in the season, against bottom of the table team, Hellbear Smashers on May 15, 2021 who are yet to win a single series in this DPC season. 

Alliance is looking to secure the most DPC points by finishing high in the EU Upper Division this season. They currently have 300 DPC points following their second-place finish last season. However, they did not earn any points by playing in the Singapore Major. A chance to qualify for T10 depends on their performance at the Major and their seasonal ranking.

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There are only five series left in the Western EU Upper Division and with just three spots left, the middle pack of teams will be pulling out all stops to make sure they qualify for the Major. The next week will decide it all for teams like OG and Team Nigma and will be the most important week to watch out for some great Dota 2.

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