OG defeat Hellbear Smashers and move up in the EU Upper Division


OG defeat Hellbear Smashers and move up in the EU Upper Division

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  • OG smash Hellbear Smashers 2-1 and move up to a three-way tie for second place in the EU Upper Division alongside Team Secret and Team Liquid
  • Dropping only one game to Hellbear Smashers' superior teamfight lineup, OG took the series off of Ana's phenomenal performances on Slark and Anti-Mage
  • OG will face Tundra Esports while Hellbear Smashers will look for their first win of the DPC when they face Team Liquid on May 1, 2021

OG crushed Hellbear Smashers’ desires of securing a win in the DPC, beating them 2-1 in their matchup. Although they took a game off of OG in Game 2, Hellbear Smashers’ could not keep up with OG’s 5-man ‘run at you’ strategy in Games 1 and 3. Returning carry player Anathan ‘Ana’ Pham performed phenomenally in all three games even in the one they lost with him on his signature Spectre. His split-pushing with Anti-Mage in Game 3 secured them the time and space needed to win the close game. This win ties OG for second place in the table with the likes of Team Liquid and Team Secret. Hellbear Smashers’ on the other hand remain with a 0-3 W-L score on the bottom of the table still unable to take a win off of anyone.

Ana carries OG to victory against Hellbear Smashers in the 2021 EU DPC

OG defeat Hellbear Smashers and move up in the EU Upper Division

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Game 1 was a complete outdraft from OG as their Slark+Oracle combo although shut down early was enabled by Ceb’s Alchemist boosting Ana on the Slark by giving him an Aghanim’s Sceptre. By the time it was late-game in the 40-minute game, Ana on the Slark was nigh unkillable with all the buffs put on him and eventually single-handedly carried them to victory.

Game 2 saw Ana on his signature Spectre from their TI8 run. Topson on the tried and true mid Puck. This time, however, Hellbear Smashers were prepared and picked Lion which offered them hard disables against OG’s elusive heroes. Hellbear Smashers also picked Underlord which further strengthened their lockdown and teamfight on the back of which they won the 30-minute game.

Game 3 was arguably the closest game of the series. OG had a risky core duo in their mid and safe lanes with their Troll and Anti-Mage picks. Both extremely farm dependant heroes. Hellbear Smashers, instead of taking advantage of this, picked an even greedier Arc Warden for Ace. As the battle of greed took place, OG managed to create better space and superior teamfights with Notail’s Warlock. Ana on the Anti-Mage, perfectly knowing his job, split pushed the enemy lanes and always kept them on their toes and OG eventually out-scaled and secured the 40-minute game.


Here are the highlights of the series.

OG with this victory will face Tundra Esports on May 4, 2021. Hellbear Smashers on the other hand will look to renew their efforts and look for their first win in the DPC when they face Team Liquid on May 1, 2021.

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In the post-match interview, Saksa gave some key insights on OG’s team dynamics and communication when asked about how OG has been cycling through different carry players in the recent past.

“I would say before it was a bit stressful at times but now when we play good it’s like the atmosphere is chill and everybody has more clarity now more-so than before”

When further asked if that is because of Ana as a player or because of Ana’s dynamic with the other players, he added:

“He’s (Ana) is a guy who doesn’t talk much and doesn’t take too much space in the team so there’s a lot more space for people to talk”

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