Invictus Gaming Are the Champions of the Singapore Major

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  • Invictus Gaming (IG) are the champions of the Singapore Major after beating EG 3-2 in the Grand Finals.
  • They secure $200,000 USD in prize winnings and 500 DPC Points.
  • The Chinese team will confirm their slot at the International 10 with a Top 2 placement in Season 2 of the regional leagues.

After three months of on and off competition starting with the Regional Leagues and finally the Singapore Major, Invictus Gaming (IG) have been crowned as the champions of the first major of the 2021 DPC Season. IG won the grand finals of the Singapore Major to secure the title with a 3-2 victory over Evil Geniuses. Despite EG having a 2-0 lead, IG managed to claw their way back into the Grand Finals and secure the title. They secure $200,000 USD in prize winnings and 500 DPC Points as a result of this victory.

Singapore Major Grand Finals Recap: Evil Geniuses vs Invictus Gaming

Game 1 was a rollercoaster ride that lasted for 58 minutes keeping all the viewers on their heels throughout the match. Just when it looked like IG had established a strong footing on the game, some misplays turned the tide into the EG’s advantage allowing the NA team to take control of Game 1. Evil Geniuses was barely able to close out the game handily after decimating and disrupting IG’s teamfight heavy lineup to secure the win in the first game.

Evil Geniuses completely dominated Game 2 after Invictus Gaming picked up the Faceless Void and showcased why the hero hasn’t seen any play in this tournament. Flyfly had a miserable time on the Void barely securing any semblance of farm. EG easily secured the win around the 28-minute mark.

Game 3 was the closest game of the tournament. Invictus Gaming got off to an early lead with their mid Emo and carry FlyFly out farming their counterparts in the early game. However, a fantastic teamfight from Evil Geniuses turned the tides. Minutes later IG did the same to them and secured the lead for good to close out the game.

In a hilarious moment, Emo typed ‘?’ after securing the win for his team causing the entirety of the Dota 2 community to post ‘?’ on its social media handles.

Invictus Gaming Are the Champions of the Singapore Major
Dota 2 Twitter responds to Emo's "?"

Invictus Gaming finally managed to clearly outdraft Evil Geniuses in Game 4 and easily managed to snowball to victory winning all three lanes and controlling the mid-game. Not even Arteezy’s last-ditch attempt with a Divine Rapier on his PA could save him.

In the final game of the series, Flyfly put up a commanding carry performance on a last pick Spectre after a dismal laning phase to secure the victory for the Chinese team. The Chinese carry was just a raid boss on his Spectre and did not die a single time throughout the course of Game 5. IG's team fighting and positioning were also highlights of this final game as they danced around iceiceice's Blackholes in perfect fashion to deny Evil Geniuses any chance of a comeback.

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Evil Geniuses will certainly be disappointed with this result considering the fact that they had only dropped a single game in their run to the Grand Finals. This is the NA team's second consecutive 3-2 loss in a DPC Major Grand Final. Earlier last season they lost 3-2 to Team Secret at the DreamLeague: Leipzig Major

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