Team Secret Eliminates Neon Esports From The Singapore Major


Team Secret Eliminates Neon Esports From The Singapore Major

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • Team Secret beats Neon Esports 2-1 at the Singapore Major.
  • Neon Esports has secured 350 DPC points and $25,000 USD in prize money from the Major.
  • Team Secret advance to face the winner of the Thunder Predator vs Invictus Gaming matchup.

Neon Esports’ incredible run at the Singapore Major finally came to a close after Team Secret beat the Filipino team in a 2-1 thriller. Despite being one of the underdog teams heading into the event, especially considering their stand-in situation, Neon Esports is the final team from the SEA region to be eliminated, finishing in sixth place and securing $25,000 USD. Neon Esports has also secured 350 DPC points from the Major bringing up their total DPC points tally to 650.

Neon Esports vs Team Secret: Result, Highlights, Interview

Game 1 witnessed Neon Esports picked up their tried and tested Leshrac for Yopaj in the midlane and a Leshrac for Skem. Although the game was relatively even up until the late game stages, Neon Esports eventually ran out of damage to bring down Team Secret allowing the Europeans to secure a 1-0 lead in the series.

In game 2, Neon Esports picked up a much more traditional lineup featuring a Gyrocopter as their primary core. Neon Esports made the right calls in this game as they refrained themselves from being too aggressive. Team Secret had lost almost all lanes and had no way back this time as they lost the game in 26 minutes. 

Game 3 witnessed Yopaj run rampant on his mid lane Windranger as he slapped down Team Secret’s heroes. He had a 100% kill participation and a ridiculous KDA of 11-4-14 as the total scoreline was 25-46 in favor of Team Secret. Although Neon Esports teamwiped Secret’s heroes at one stage and took a full set of Barracks with some unique item choices, they ultimately failed as Team Secret struck back with some devastating executions to win the series.

You can view the full highlights of the series between Neon and Team Secret here:

In the post-game interview, Team Secret’s captain Puppey acknowledged that this Neon Esports team was really really good.

“I think their lineups are a bit too fresh while ours are standard Dota right now. So I guess we have a lot of work to do on our drafting and our perspective of what to play. 

To be honest, not seeing LANs for a long time has really done that to some regions. Some regions just play the way they play, and you just kinda don’t see anything new happening. Usually, the ones that are playing too passively are the ones that lose out on it. Southeast Asia, for instance, very aggressive region, therefore we were kinda not ready for it. 

This was just our third game of the tournament so we haven’t really gotten enough comfort into this yet.”

Neon Esports will go back with their heads held high after putting some of the best performance we’ve seen from a SEA team in an international LAN for quite a while. They will more than likely qualify for TI10 if they can just secure a Top 3 spot in the upcoming 2021 DPC Regional League: SEA Season 2.

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