Record-Breaking TI10 Battle Pass Comes To An End

Record-Breaking TI10 Battle Pass Comes To An End

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • TI10's Battle Pass expires shortly after crossing the $40 Million USD mark.
  • 10 Levels were rewarded to all TI10 Battle Pass owners.
  • Valve also announced that the new MMR reset system and next season of Dota Plus will arrive next week

The International 10 Battle Pass has finally come to a close. TI10 Battle Pass owners managed to increase the total prize pool for TI10 from $1.6 Million USD to $40 Million USD making Dota 2 the first esport to have prize pool exceeding the $40 Million mark.

The prize pool for TI10 was funded by fans who purchased TI10 Battle Pass and its levels. This year’s Battle Pass surpassed the TI9 record when it crossed $34.33 million. Battle Pass owners have already received a bonus of 10 levels for achieving this goal - Valve will give ten more for reaching $40 Million.

TI10’s Battle Pass Crossed the $40 Million USD Mark

Earlier yesterday, The International 10 prize pool exceeded $40 Million USD which was the last target set by Valve in Battle Pass 2020. The International 10 prize fund reached the $40 Million USD mark, just 15 minutes before the expiration of TI10 Battle Pass and the crowdfunding campaign in Dota 2. 

Initially, Valve provided $1.6 million, and the rest of the funds were contributed by users - 25% of each purchase of combat pass and levels to it increased the total amount.

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10 Levels Rewarded to All Battle Pass Owners

Dota 2 developers released an update, which gave the owners of the Battle Pass 2020 bonus levels. Players received them for the last goal of the compendium - to reach $ 40 million prize fund The International 10.

Following this, Valve has also restricted the ability to purchase levels for TI10 Battle Pass. 

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Valve Announces New MMR Reset System And Next Season Of Dota Plus

Valve also announced the upcoming updates to Dota 2 shortly after the expiry of the Battle Pass. They plan to release a number of patches, including changes to the guilds, a new season of Dota Plus, and a redesigned MMR system in the coming days. While Valve hasn’t given us an exact timeline, it is known that these changes in Dota 2 will take effect sometime during next week.

Neither Valve nor its representatives have disclosed the details of the next balance patch or new heroes. 

TI10 was released on May 25. By increasing its level through various achievements or through purchasing levels, users could obtain Immortal treasures, as well as a number of cosmetic items, including arcanas and personas.

The International 10 was scheduled to be held in August 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. However, the pandemic forced Valve to postpone the tournament. Currently, the company plans to organize the competition in August 2021 in Sweden, if the situation permits.

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