rOtK Confirms That He Won’t Join 4AM; Breaks Into Tears On Stream

rOtK Confirms That He Won’t Join 4AM; Breaks Into Tears On Stream

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • On his stream yesterday, rOtK explained why he didn't join the newly formed 4AM organization.
  • According to rOtK, he negotiated with the club for several months, but at the last moment the management of 4AM refused him citing a lack of budget.
  • rOtk teared up with tens of thousands of people watching when he spoke about a dinner he had with ViCi Gaming's co-owner following these happenings.

Bai “rOtK” Fan has always been an emotional player who wears his heart on his sleeves. The player is fondly called as ‘Big Momma’ in the Chinese Dota 2 community for this very reason. So when he became emotional on his stream talking about the incidents that took place with 4AM and ViCi Gaming, it wasn’t really too out of the order. 

rOtK shared his version of the failed transfer from ViCi Gaming to 4AM during an emotional stream. The Chinese coach was so emotional that he broke into tears during this team when he spoke about ViCi Gaming. The player stated that he felt "exhausted" and believes that his "ambition has been drained out." rOtK also announced that will be taking a break from Dota 2 for a while in order to put his thoughts in order.

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rOtK's Version Of Events That Took Place With 4AM

  • rOtK stated that negotiations with 4AM had been going on for several months. During this time period, the Chinese coach had rejected a contract extension from ViCi Gaming and an offer from Team Aster.

  • After the initial negotiations between the coach and 4AM were successful, rOtK suggested that the club's management sign a VAM (valuation adjustment mechanism), according to which he could receive half of his salary only after the team wins a Major or The International. In the end, the 4AM players persuaded him to abandon this idea and agree to a lower salary without VAM and additional conditions.

  • After several negotiations, representatives of the 4AM organization suddenly stated that the club did not have a budget for the coach and hence they would not be able to sign rOtK. The parties tried to find a compromise, during which the Sylar saga took place.

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  • Supposedly, if the 4AM continued to play with Sylar (a cheaper transfer for the club), the organization would have money for rOtK. However, the org ended up signing Eurus, whose transfer was much more expensive which left no money for a coach.

  • After the failed negotiations with 4AM, rOtK had dinner with Vici Gaming’s co-owner Chen Qing, where he was told "R-God, if you come back, VG will always be your home." It was at this point that rOtk teared up with tens of thousands of people watching.

  • rOtK also requested his fans to not blame or flame Yao “357/QQQ” Yi, and ended this discussion by stating: “everyone has a plan, and each team has their purpose. At VG, they valued coaching and I can make many decisions. But not every team is like VG. If you are like-minded, you will develop well.”

Following these revelations, rOtK was met with tremendous support on both Weibo and his stream.

On October 1, 4AM’s new lineup was announced featuring carry player Sylar. Initially, it was rumored that the club wanted to sign Eurus as their carry player. Unfortunately, negotiations with ViCi Gaming failed, which forced the club to sign Sylar. 

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However, shortly after Sylar’s signing, 4AM deleted their initial announcement which was then followed by reports of Sylar being replaced by Eurus. 

Following this, 4AM midlaner Maybe explained these roster changes on his personal stream.

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