Will TI10’s Prize Pool Cross $40 Million Before Its Expiry?

Will TI10’s Prize Pool Cross $40 Million Before Its Expiry?

Vignesh Raghuram
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Even though the International 10 is only scheduled to happen in 2021, Valve has managed to raise $39,570,662 USD at the time of writing through their TI10 Battle Pass. It is the biggest prize pot in all of esports and will likely be one of the greatest events we’ve seen all year. 

However, the prestige of becoming the first esport to have a prize pool exceeding $40 Million USD is possibly the next big milestone with this Battle Pass. However, that looks like it might not happen.

Is TI10’s Battle Pass Set To Cross The $40 Million Mark?

TI10’s Battle Pass was released on 25th May featuring multiple rewards and cosmetics. It was the fastest-selling Battle Pass in Dota 2 history, conquering milestone after milestone and lead TI10 to become the biggest prize pool in esports history.

Initially, Valve extended the Battle Pass by a week from September 12th to 19th to accommodate a weeklong stretch during which Dota 2 servers were crashing during peak hours.

Following this, on September 17, Valve extended the Battle Pass by another three weeks (until October 9th, 2020). This made the possibility of the prize pool reaching the $40,000,000 USD mark a reality.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will cross that historic mark until something drastically changes.

The Projections Don’t Add Up

  • The prize pool is currently growing at an average of $63,714 per day over the course of the last 10 days.
  • In the three days (including Oct 7, the date of publication) before TI10 Battle Pass expires, the prize pool needs to grow at a rate of $143,112 per day.
  • So if it continues to grow linearly (which is the likeliest scenario), the prize pool of TI10 will come to a close, raising $39,761,804 for the prize pool of the tournament. Merely $240k USD lower than the hallowed $40 Million USD mark.

Unless Valve decided to postpone the expiry of the Battle Pass or releases something extra, we likely will not cross the $40 Million Mark.

Which is a damn shame considering the fact that we were all set to receive 10,000 Battle Points or 10 levels for crossing this mark. We believe that it is very unlikely that we’ll see any other year’s Battle Pass lasting as long as TI10’s, so we really might not get close to this unprecedented $40 Million mark any time soon.

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