Kyle Slams TNC Predator For Removing March


Kyle Slams TNC Predator For Removing March

Vignesh Raghuram
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Kyle “Kyle” Freedman has always been somewhat of a controversial personality. He never holds back and almost always speaks his opinions without fear of backlash. He was arguably the primary instigator who made Valve change their regulations on third-party tournament streaming. Now he has commented on TNC Predator’s recent roster change which saw the removal of captain Park "March" Tae-won.

Kyle’s Comments on TNC Predator Removing March.

Kyle bashed TNC Predator for removing their position 5 player and captain March even though it was the core players who “started phoning it in”. He also said that it looked like they “want better results with less effort”.

Kyle also indicated that he didn’t think that March was losing his touch contrary to a few other opinions.

Kyle Slams TNC Predator For Removing March

TNC Predator recently underwent a roster change that saw them part ways with the team’s captain March. 

Following his removal, March commented on his departure stating that it was the best year of his career. He also thanked TNC and the Filipino fans for their support.

Kyle Slams TNC Predator For Removing March

March is currently looking for a team. It will be interesting to see which team he moves to, in the upcoming weeks.

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