DkPhobos’ Dota 2 School Accused of Non-Payment of Dues

Vignesh Raghuram
Published On: 14 Sep 2020, 09:16 AM
  • Staff working on the Dota 2 school project did not receive a salary.
  • The Dota 2 school recorded over ₽2 million ($26,750 USD) in losses

Former Virtus.Pro player Alexander "DkPhobos" Kucheria founded the online Dota 2 school in August 2019. However, the website has suffered over ₽2 million ($26,750 USD) in losses. The employees of the company have also complained about non-payment of wages. This was revealed by CIS YouTuber Morf.

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DkPhobos’ Dota 2 School

The online Dota 2 school claims to have a number of tools from former and current pro players, coaches, and high-level players. According to the website, these tools allow you to increase your MMR by at least 2,000 in just 3 months. The online Dota 2 school was founded by DkPhobos and Yuri Malyshev.

DkPhobos’ Dota 2 School Accused of Non-Payment of Dues

According to Morf, CEO Yuri Malyshev manages the project, including financial operations. DkPhobos was only engaged in training and writing the program for the students of the school. It was reported that the service staff did not receive salaries.

Dota 2 School’s Unpaid Dues

The YouTuber stated that he was approached by an employee who was working on the project. The employee revealed that he had not received money for several months of work. According to Yuri Malyshev, this happened because the employee did not perform his job duties properly.

The video-blogger also stated that the total losses of "Dota 2 School" amounted to ₽2 million. Yuri Malyshev has confirmed this information, according to CIS media portal 

"Yes, there are 2 million losses. This is personal money invested by me. The training format that we provided was not effective. That is why it is being reformed. The problem is that to get a full result you have to play 6 games per day - this is a requirement of DkPhobos. However, 90% of the students can't fulfill it.”

Surprisingly, DkPhobos stated that he himself wasn’t paid the full amount that was due to him.

"To me, Yuri paid less than half of the promised amount for the work. Why didn't I say anything about it? - Well, part of the money was still paid to me and so I decided to leave the content to people. I did everything on my own conscience. I spent a lot of effort, and the pupils seemed to be satisfied, it will not disappear because of a dishonest Yuri.”

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DkPhobos also stated that he did not know about the losses of the Dota 2 school and that the project's employees didn’t get paid. In a comment to Morf, DkPhobos said that he did not plan to continue on this project with Yuri Malyshev. He stated that he is now busy creating a new project.

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