YapzOr on How Team Secret Strategizes


YapzOr on How Team Secret Strategizes

Vignesh Raghuram
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Team Secret is still undefeated in the WePlay Omega League tournament, beating FlyToMoon 2-0 in their group stage match earlier today. The games weren’t even close, with Team Secret cruising to victory with 36-minute and 19-minute victories in Games 1 and 2. Following this impressive victory, Team Secret’s Position 4 player Yazied "YapzOr" Jaradat interviewed with the panel at WePlay! and explained how the team strategizes and plays with Heen.

YapzOr on how he prepares for professional matches

YapzOr explained that he tends to focus on himself most of the time and come up with strategies by watching other streams or pubs.

“I listen a lot, especially to Puppey and Heen. But mainly what I do is that I focus on Dota itself as a game. I always have streams open or I always have watch tabs open, if I am not playing myself. 

I just try to come up with things without even having to see it or play it and that’s usually what works for me. I focus on myself mostly, but sometimes I notice a thing or two that could benefit everyone.”

YapzOr on how Team Secret strategizes with Puppey and Heen at the helm

YapzOr also elaborated on how Heen and Puppey devise strategies for Team Secret with inputs from the rest of the players.

“Heen does a lot of strategy stuff for us so it kind of lifted some of the load that was on some of the players in the past. Heen and Puppey do almost all of the strategy stuff, we give in our inputs about our specific roles mainly, but the overall picture is still theirs.

We have enough faith in Heen and Puppey to just do pretty much everything for us.”

Team Secret currently lead their Groups in the WePlay! Omega League. They take on OG later tomorrow, in a clash that’ll likely determine the table toppers for this group.

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