Puppey Talks About Team Secret's Attitude Towards Losing


Puppey Talks About Team Secret's Attitude Towards Losing

Vignesh Raghuram
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Team Secret beat Vikin.gg 2-0 in the group stages of the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division, to go to the top of the table with 3 wins. Following this victory, Team Secret’s captain Puppey went live on stream for an interview with the English panel. Here, he talked about losing, YapzOr’s tendency to become a 4th core and his ‘experiments’.

Puppey talks about ‘Losing’

Puppey Talks About Team Secret's Attitude Towards Losing

When he was asked whether Team Secret was getting bored of winning all their games, Puppey stated that Team Secret just doesn’t like losing indicating that he is okay with them winning all the time.

“I just don’t like losing. I think that is our biggest problem, we really hate losing. Not saying that we’re like trying our best a lot of the time, but once we start losing, we really get our things together. 

But there has to be ‘a losing time’ and it is gonna come sooner or later.”

Puppey on YapzOr purchasing MKB every game

Puppey Talks About Team Secret's Attitude Towards Losing

Puppey also talked about YapzOr’s greedy plays in the position 4 role and why he just cannot stop him from buying MKBs on his support.

“I think it is his deal now. It doesn’t work yelling at him, he is gonna buy it anyway. He has been in this team for like 10 years, he knows he can buy MKBs now. He is happy, he can do whatever he wants.”

Puppey on Team Secret's draft experiments

Puppey also spoke about how and when Team Secret strategizes and chooses to experiment with their drafts, using their Omniknight pick in Game 2 vs Vikin.gg as an example.

“Overall I am not necessarily experimenting, I am using ideas that I think should work. If they don’t end up working then it’s kind of like that is the issue. It is not necessarily an experiment if I believe that Omniknight actually works against these things (Magnus and Faceless Void) because OG has used it in the past in the TI that we just played.

A lot of these times, they are ideas that should have worked back in the time when I wanted to use them but didn’t have the chance to use them. Plus, Omniknight did get some buffs. It is not like this hero is as trashy as everyone says it is”

Team Secret has dominated the OMEGA League group stages, with three victories in their opening 3 matches, beating Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pajamas, and Vikin.gg. In their next group stage match on August 27, the team will compete against FlyToMoon. 

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