Topson Talks About His Experiences With SumaiL and Ceb

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Topson Talks About His Experiences With SumaiL and Ceb


OG made quite the splash in their return back to the professional scene at the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division. They managed to beat Vikin.GG and Ninjas In Pyjamas convincingly in their opening group stage matches and currently sit on top of the table. In the midst of this carnage OG’s midlaner, Topias Miikka "Topson" Taavitsainen had an interview with RuHub where he spoke about a number of interesting topics including SumaiL, Ceb and why he would never leave the team on his own accord.

Topson on SumaiL

Topson Talks About His Experiences With SumaiL and Ceb

Topson talked about his short tenure with Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan in OG and whether the latter was a good teammate.

“Yeah, of course, SumaiL is a good guy. He is a really really good player. But, in the end, we decided to change him with Ceb. There is a lot of things that lead to that decision but it’s… I am not gonna talk too much about it.”

Topson on Ceb’s return

Topson Talks About His Experiences With SumaiL and Ceb

Topson also talked about why he was really happy with Sébastien "Ceb" Debs’ return to OG and why he likes playing with the Frenchman.

“I am always happy when I get to play with Ceb, that’s for sure. I think that he is the best teammate, he really gets the best out of everyone. He makes everybody try their best and he gives a lot of motivation.

Like for me, for example. Sometimes I feel a little lazy. I don’t feel like playing sometimes and I feel like I am not in the mood. But he always brings the fire into the team and he really makes everybody play their best. He is just very smart at the game, me and him we have similar views about the game, so it is very easy to play with him.”

Topson talks about why he continues to compete

Topson also spoke about his motivations and stated that he would never leave OG unless he was asked to go.

“I still compete because I really like playing with my teammates. Ceb and Johan (N0tail), I feel like they’re my second family now. I wouldn’t leave them unless they want me to go.

I just love competing. Bootcamping together is the best time. Like the previous bootcamp, just now, was very memorable. I had a very good time with the boys.”

Topson also stated that he was really looking forward to competing in LAN tournaments when they return.

OG will return to action in the OMEGA League on August 21 against FlyToMoon.

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