Black^ Gets Banned From Twitch

Vignesh Raghuram
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Earlier this week, German Dota 2 player, Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier’s Twitch channel was banned. The player was playing with SingSing on the latter’s stream when he was banned from the platform.

“What the F**k. For What?” - Black^

This is quite interesting considering the fact that Black^ and SingSing had recently talked to each other on stream about how "easy it was" to be banned on Twitch. They also spoke about how careful streamers had to be to avoid these random bans.

Potential Reason For Black^’s Ban From Twitch

It is unclear on whether Black^’s ban from Twitch will be permanent or temporary.

Black^ Gets Banned From Twitch

The reason and duration of this ban are also currently unknown, with Black^ choosing to not comment on the situation. However, many fans in the /r/Dota2 subreddit have suggested that the ban might have occurred due to Black^’s may be related to a recent interaction on stream.

Black^ elaborated the name “Schwarzenegger” on a recent Twitch stream. According to the player, in German, 

  • "schwarz" means "black"
  • "Negger" (Necker) means "someone who teases." 

Black^ joked that he was a "schwarznegger." Since the second word is pronounced very similar to the racial slur, fans believe that it might have gotten him banned. This incident happened a couple of months ago, but the clip was recently popularized in a reddit thread on /r/dota2.

Other fans also stated that Black^ used a Russian slur on one of SingSing’s streams yesterday. However, it was also pointed out that once he was warned by SingSing about its implications, Black^ did not repeat the slur word.

Black^ has not commented about this situation on his social media. According to StreamerBans, this is the first time the player's channel has banned in the past year.

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