Arteezy Talks About CCNC, Abed and TI9 Experiences


Arteezy Talks About CCNC, Abed and TI9 Experiences

Vignesh Raghuram
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In some of his recent streams Arteezy talked about this rise of CCNC, Abed and his experiences at The International 2018 and 2019.

Arteezy on CCNC and Abed

Arteezy also talked about CCNC and Abed in his stream, when prompted by one of his viewers to explain the rise of CCNC.

“CCNC just works really hard man. This guy, he wakes up every day, he plays 10 hours of pubs, then after he is done with these pubs, he goes ahead and watches the replays for another two hours. And then he repeats the process over and over. It is not like some special talent. 

He is like me when I was younger. Everyone flamed the F**k out of me in the NA Dota forums. Everyone was calling me garbage. I mean, I wasn’t good, it is fine because they flamed me because I was bad. But I kept trying and I kept on improving, I kept putting in more time and then every summer, I tried to play Europe. It is not like a secret. If you put in a lot of time and you sacrifice a lot of things, you will get better.

CCNC is probably one of the…, I was gonna say the most hardworking player, but I don’t know about the others. But he is up there for sure.”

He then talked about Abed and called him a beast.

“Abed is a beast as well, every morning, at the bootcamp, he was there before me. He had a very easy sleep schedule, he woke up early, he was just chilling by watching replays.”

“I think Quinn is the best NA mid. SumaiL doesn’t play mid anymore, he plays carry right? I don’t think he has much association with the mid role right now. 

I am not counting Abed in this. Of course, if I counted Abed in this, I’ll say that he is the best Mid in the world, not just NA. The boy is a beast.”

Arteezy Talks About TI Experiences

In the stream, Arteezy revealed a lot of behind the scenes stuff that was going on with Evil Geniuses at TI9 and TI8. 

Arteezy Practised Carry IO Before Match Against OG at TI9

“The morning before the match against OG (in the playoffs at TI9), I was watching all of the Carry Wisp, because I thought it was actually broken, but we decided not to do it. I was super down to play it, it looked really easy to play around.

I played an unranked game in the morning to warm up my Wisp. The story is that Cr1t and I were in the practice room early that day and I was playing it in a pub and Cr1t just spent the whole 10 minutes, flaming my ball control when I was jungling. “

Why Arteezy Played Support Phoenix While Fly Played Carry Clinkz in One Game at TI8?

Arteezy also talked about the time where he swapped roles with Fly for one group stage match.

“We misclicked. So Tal (Fly) misclicked Clinkz for some reason I don’t know. So then I had to play Phoenix. This was around the time when they removed swapping at TI. 

Cr1t and I were in a continuous flow of communication so he carried my movement pretty hard. I did some random-ass shit, I made some good individual plays but we were on the same page, Cr1t carried my ass. 

Tal was just chilling, he said he didn’t do anything but farm creeps. But he did more… I left his lane at like 3 minutes or some shit. If my support does that to me, I’ll get triggered but it was fine.”

Even EG's opponents, IG were surprised by Arteezy's Role Change

The NA player has regularly started streaming his games from around 12:00 AM IST |02:30 AM SGT on his Twitch channel. 

Disclaimer: Arteezy’s quotes have been edited for grammar and clarity.

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