PayToWin: How To Stack Camps in Dota 2 With TI10 Disco Ball?

PayToWin: How To Stack Camps in Dota 2 With TI10 Disco Ball?

Vignesh Raghuram
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Dota 2 has always been a quirky game with little bugs and weird interactions in the game. However, one thing it has always managed to do is to not become a pay to win game. However, it looks like the latest TI10 Battle Pass may have unintentionally added a feature that can only be described as pay2win. TI10 Battle Pass owners can stack neutral creep camps using the consumable disco balls.

Yep, you heard us right. A reddit user discovered a bug in Dota 2 which allows players to use the disco ball to stack camps.

Stack Camps Using The Disco Ball

Placing the disco ball, aggros the neutrals which allows you to stack camps that were previously non-stackable. Abusing this mechanic allows melee heroes like Sven or Phantom Assassin to easily double stack neutral camps which allows them to farm up so much easier.

This can be considered as a pay-to-win mechanic since Dota 2 players who have not purchased the TI10 Battle Pass will not have access to the disco ball. 

However, we are certain that this is not an intentional feature. This is likely an unintentional bug that Valve is yet to fix.

Other Hilarious Bugs in Dota 2 History

Over the years we’ve encountered several bugs in Dota 2, some of which are downright hilarious. 

Moving Buildings using Chronosphere

This is one of the most hilarious bug exploits we’ve ever encountered. An interaction between Chronosphere and buildings provided us with an opportunity to move buildings as soon as Faceless Void hit level 6.

People could move their Ancient into the fountain Area and move the fountain to the Ancient area. Sounds complicated? It really wasn’t

Chen controlling Roshan

In patch 6.75, Chen’s abilities got some tweaks. In this process, something broke in the game. For some reason, Holy Persuasion granted Chen the ability to control Roshan. A 7000 HP creep, with a ton of right-click damage, a bash, and his basic abilities was absolutely ridiculous at Minute 1 of the game.

While it was patched out within 12 hours after it was discovered, it is an iconic part of Dota 2’s history thanks to its sheer absurdity. 

Will you be utilizing this bug for some quick MMR? What are some other weird bugs you’ve encountered in your games? Let us know in the comments below.

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