Ceb Explains Why He Chose To Comeback To Pro Dota 2


Ceb Explains Why He Chose To Comeback To Pro Dota 2

Vignesh Raghuram
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Sébastien "Ceb" Debs return to OG and competitive Dota 2 surprised many fans. The Frenchman's return left many fans to wonder why he chose to return by replacing SumaiL. 

Well fret not, OG released a video of Ceb’s statements which elaborated why the player initially retired from competitive Dota 2, why he returned and his new motivations.

Ceb Talks About His New Motivations Which Caused Him To Return

Ceb Explains Why He Chose To Comeback To Pro Dota 2

Ceb stated that he was just offended that other teams thought that they could beat OG, which offered him a new challenge and a motivation. 

“I think I just overthought a lot of things because the drive is still there. For some reason, I have this fire that I can’t extinguish. Nothing extinguishes it. It is kind of scary, there is always something that I look at and think that this is it. First, it was winning TI once. Then it was that nobody ever won it back to back. 

Now what actually drives me the most is that I take offense from teams thinking that they can win against us. I actually take offense. It annoys me because I like to think that after what has been done, they should realize that this isn’t realistic. Maybe you can, but there is no way that you believe you can. That’s nonsense. You should believe you can’t and then there is a world in which you might. 

Seeing teams taking games from us, I feel very offended. It is mostly that I feel offended and I feel challenged.”

Ceb On Why He Quit In The First Place

Ceb stated that he ran out of motivation during the previous DPC season which caused him to retire after the conclusion of TI9.

Ceb Explains Why He Chose To Comeback To Pro Dota 2

“We were playing in the Paris Major’s playoffs, and it was the freaking playoffs day. I usually always wake up before the alarm because I am thinking a lot and I very hyped for the game. But that day was like any other day, I was tired in the morning, I had my alarm ring a couple of times before I woke up.

That was weird. I am gonna play a Major playoff game and I feel like that I am kind of going to work or something. So then I started questioning everything and thought that maybe my motivation is going down.”

He clarified that it was different for TI but he stated that he was just not convinced that it was worth playing another season which caused him to retire.

Ceb's full statement can be found below.

Ceb also added that he missed playing with N0tail and Topson and that this also played a major part in his decision to make a comeback to OG and competitive Dota.

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