Sumail On His Time in Pakistan and Being a Desi in America


Sumail On His Time in Pakistan and Being a Desi in America

Shounak Sengupta
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OG safelaner and 2015 TI champion, Sumail Hassan spoke about his Pakistani roosts and various other aspects of his South Asian lifestyle in a recent interview. The interview is available online in the form of a video by a channel known as LateNightChai. It seems as if the interviewer and Sumail are friends for a while as has been mentioned a couple of times during the interview as well. The interview, conducted mostly in Urdu, was focused on aspects of Sumail’s life which has to do with him being a desi. Here are some key excerpts from the interview. 

Sumail On Difference in Lifestyle

Sumail spoke of the differences in lifestyle and economics between Pakistan and America. He said that in Pakistan, life was simpler as only his father had to earn to feed the family. However, in America, this was not possible; everyone had to chip in and contribute. Their was also a difference in culture as he felt that Pakistan was a much more conservative country and after his family moved, it took them sometime to figure out things. 

Passion For Cricket

Sumail also mentioned that he was very passionate about cricket in his early days and was a leg spinner. He would play with his brother Yawar, who was a pace bowler and is also a pro Dota 2 player. In fact, he went so far as to say that his passion for cricket was greater than the one he has ever had for Dota. He and his brother dreamt of playing for the Pakistan cricket team.

On Not Completing School

Sumail also spoke about how he didn’t finish school, having taken up professional Dota very early on in his life. When he shifted from Pakistan, he had just finished 8th grade and he enrolled for his sophomore year in America. However, in 2015 Sumail won TI and things worked out for him professionally and he never completed his schooling. He also mentioned that he never really liked school. 

Media Shy Personality

As seen multiple times before, Sumail was a bit camera shy and was reluctant to explain things in detail. Particularly when asked about some exciting fan interactions, he was hesitant to answer the question. He also said that he did not enjoy streaming and felt that it piled on pressure to an already stressful life. He also said that while he is playing professionally, it is unlikely that he would stream regularly. 

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