EternaLEnVy Gets 3 Rapiers And Loses Them In A Pro Match


EternaLEnVy Gets 3 Rapiers And Loses Them In A Pro Match

Vignesh Raghuram
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Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao is the definition of a high risk-high reward player. He does these ridiculous plays every once in a while that makes you drop your jaws, or makes you scratch your head. Yesterday, during Game 1 of a match between business associates and 4 Zoomers in the OGA Dota PIT S2: America EternaLEnVy dropped 3 Rapiers baffling us like always.

EternaLEnVy Drops 3 Divine Rapiers in Game 1

In Game 1 of the series between business associates and 4 Zoomers, EternaLEnVy was playing as the Clinkz. The opposing carry, Sammyboy from 4 Zoomers on the Terrorblade purchased a Divine Rapier in an effort to close out the game.

However, with an amazing fight, EternaLEnVy and the rest of business associates killed off Sammyboy to take the Divine Rapier for themselves, following which EternaLEnVy marched down to the Secret Shop and got another Divine Rapier for himself.

With the overwhelming amount of damage with two Divine Rapier, you would think EternaLEnVy would be soft. But no, EE sama never really backs down like that, does he? He ended up buying a third Divine Rapier.

In true EE fashion, he proceeded to lose all three Divine Rapiers just a minute later.

business associates went on to lose the game in 55 minutes.

EE and business associates Have the Last Laugh Against 4 Zoomers

Despite the devastating loss in Game 1, business associates managed to maintain their composure and deliver a spectacular performance in Game 2 to level the series in an extremely satisfying manner. Moo (playing the Sven) did not need any Divine Rapiers to dish out ridiculous amounts of damage.

He just deleted heroes left, right and center with his Daedalus showing that you don’t need Divine Rapiers to dunk on the enemy team.

With the series leveled up, the match went to a deciding Game 3.

It was time for EternaLEnVy to redeem himself. He put on a clinical performance on his signature Terrorblade, ripping through the enemy team and carrying his team to victory. So to put a stop to this, Sammyboy (playing a Drow Ranger this time) decided to buy a Divine Rapier. 

But business associates had their revenge by killing him off and taking it for themselves. They then closed out the game around the 1-hour mark and finally secured the series victory.

Full Highlights of the Series: (Definitely worth a watch).

What will be next in the trials and tribulations of EE sama? Well, business associates face Thunder Predator in the Winner Bracket finals later tomorrow. Let’s see if EternaLEnVy showcases his Divine Rapiers once again.

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