GrandGrant Leaves Dota 2 And Esports, Removed From EG After Sexual Harassment Accusations


GrandGrant Leaves Dota 2 And Esports, Removed From EG After Sexual Harassment Accusations

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North American commentator and Dota 2 personality Grant Harris (a.k.a GrandGrant) has been removed from Evil Geniuses and has announced that he will be leaving Dota 2 and the esports scene indefinitely. The move comes following a series of allegations against him by various women in the scene claiming sexual harassment and bullying.

Allegations Of Harassment Against GrandGrant 

GrandGrant Misbehaves With @Cofactorstrudel At TI7 After Party

It all began with @cofactorstrudel, a mobile game scenario writer, alleging that an intoxicated GrandGrant made her feel uncomfortable at The International 7 after party when he slurred at her and would not let go of her hand until she wrenched it of him with all her strength.

Following her Tweets, Grant publicly apologized to her for the incident post which the two have apparently spoken in private messages and it seems as if @cofactorstrudel accepted the apology. However, shortly after this, she replied to the Tweet containing the apology stating that someone else had approached her with an additional accusation of sexual assault and that perhaps Grant should be making amends with others as well.

Scantzor Tweets On Behalf Of Female Australian Dota 2 Caster LlamaDownUnder

Former Entity Gaming coach Anthony “Scantzor” Hodgson took to Twitter to talk about allegations of GrandGrant harassing LlamaDownUnder to the point where she left the Dota 2 scene. LlamaDownUnder is a former Dota 2 caster based out of Australia who allegedly sought a restraining order against GrandGrant for repeatedly harassing her. Through a series of Tweets posted by Scantzor, he claims that after several years of legal proceedings, the court found that GrandGrant did indeed harass and defame LlamaDownUnder, while going on to allege that Grant was supported by many senior talents in the space.

In the same thread, Scantzor mentions that he has received permission from LlamaDownUnder to Tweet about this and that while she did not feel comfortable talking about it herself. At the time of writing this, LlamaDownUnder has not made any public comment.

Wickedcosplay Makes a Rape Allegation against GrandGrant

North American Dota 2 cosplayer Wickedcosplay took to Twitter to make an outright rape allegation against GrandGrant, albeit without revealing the names of the women involved. She claims that GrandGrant touched someone inappropriately while they were sleeping and/or while they were too drunk to consent. In a reply to Scantzor’s Tweet thread mentioned above, she also stated that there are two other victims of assault that have yet to come forward.

GrandGrant Leaves Dota 2 And Esports, Removed From EG After Sexual Harassment Accusations

Edit: Wickedcosplay has detailed this incident with a Twittlonger post. She alleges that a sexual assault survivor has come forth to her and stated that GrandGrant had drugged and sexually assaulted her during TI4.

GrandGrant Apologizes, Leaves Dota 2 And Esports, Talks About His Former Alcohol Problem

Following the series of allegations against him, GrandGrant publicly apologized to everyone in the Dota scene via Twitter, stating that he has worked on himself over the last few years. Without specifically referencing any of the incidents mentioned by Scantzor (about LlamaDownUnder) or Wickedcosplay, he reiterated his apology while acknowledging that he brought this upon himself. He went on to state that he will no longer be participating in the Dota and esports scene for a long time if not permanently.

GrandGrant Leaves Dota 2 And Esports, Removed From EG After Sexual Harassment Accusations

Shortly after, through a comment on Reddit, GrandGrant revealed that he struggled with an alcohol problem for five years with no one to help him, during which time he would consume three bottles of Vodka a day. He concluded his comment by reiterating his apology and stating that Dota deserves better.

Ive always been a redditor and wont lie, so I will post here. Another Apology to the people ive hurt along the way and also. I also wanted to say if you ever do have a Alcohol problem, Find someone who can help you out, I struggled for 5 years (when I say struggled I mean 3 bottles of vodka a day) and had no one to help me. If you ever find yourself going down that path, Find a loved one or anyone you can.

Sorry once again, Dota deserves better.

Evil Geniuses Releases GrandGrant From The Organization

North America based esports organization Evil Geniuses announced that GrandGrant has been released and is no longer one of its members. 

Prior to this incident, EG was a sponsor of GrandGrant’s livestreams and used him to promote the Dota 2 team. GrandGrant had joined the organization as an official streamer in October 2017.

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