Team Secret is just 6 Wins Aways from Breaking a Jaw-Dropping Record!

Team Secret is just 6 Wins Aways from Breaking a Jaw-Dropping Record!

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • Team Secret have won 82 of their last 100 games.
  • Only 2 teams (Newbee in 2016 and Alliance in 2013) have had a better win-loss record over 100 games (83-17)
  • Team Secret needs to win their next 4 games to equal the record. They need to win their next 6 games to beat it.

I am sure you’ve all seen that Team Secret managed to beat Team Liquid in the Grand Finals of the OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online: Europe/CIS winning the series 3-0. The team was undefeated during their entire run through the tournament going 15-0 in this tournament.

The team has won 35 of their last 36 matches and are dominating the world stage right now. They’re within touching distance of one becoming the most dominant team in Dota 2 history over the period of 100 games.

The 100 Game Win-Loss Record

According to Dota 2 statesman Noxville, Team Secret are within touching distance of TI3 Alliance, TI6 Newbee’s win-loss record over a period of 100 games.

This tweet was made before Team Secret’s impressive 3-0 victory over Team Liquid yesterday. So, the European team only needs 4 more wins to match the record/ 6 more to break it.

We could see this happen in the next couple of days. In ESL One Birmingham 2020 Online, Team Secret will be competing against Team Liquid in a BO3 match later today (10:00 PM SGT), followed by a BO3 match against Gambit esports later tomorrow(10:00 PM SGT). 2-0 Victories in both these matches will see them equal the record.

If they also manage to beat Team Unique in their next series (27th May 2020 at 10:00 PM SGT), they will become the most dominant team in Dota 2 history.

Team Secret currently have an 82-18 win-loss record over their last 100 games. Winning 4 games in a row will put them at 83-17, while 6 games in a row will make it 84-16.

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