N0tail talks about Online Tournaments and what the Future Beholds for OG

N0tail talks about Online Tournaments and what the Future Beholds for OG

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • N0tail misses LAN tournaments, however he acknowledges the novelty of Online Leagues.
  • He has been spending his time in lockdown exercising, homecooking and maintaining a sleep schedule.
  • Indicates that OG is looking to play as many tournaments as they can for the rest of 2020.

After their second-place finish at ESL One LA Online - EU/CIS, OG’s captain Johan "N0tail" Sundstein gave an interview to Redbull where he talked about a number of things including his routine during the lockdown, the differences between online tournaments and LANs as well as how the rest of 2020 looks in the Dota 2 scene.

Here are some of the more interesting parts of the conversation

How He is Spending his Time During the Lockdown

N0tail talks about his routine during the lockdown. He says that he has been spending most of his time exercising, cooking and maintaining a stable sleep schedule.

"Obviously, I miss the LAN tournaments, but it's been a great chance to spend time getting into things that have been hard to get into in the past, Working out regularly, a lot of home cooking and a stable sleeping schedule."

He also talked about how he is exercising to be playing at optimal levels.

"Some players manage to be incredible at what they do without proper exercise. It's still not something I would recommend. I'm trying hard to maintain a good routine and it's actually been going very well, even with the gym closing down."

What he prefers, LAN Tournaments or Online Tournaments.

The player says that he would prefer LAN tournaments but he also thinks that online tournaments have their own novelty.

"I much prefer to play on LAN, but online tournaments are definitely giving me a bit of a nostalgic feeling, It's not often you sit at home to play and get this immense feeling of 'this game is important, I've got to do my best plus some'. I'm getting used to it more and more, and there will probably be some time adjusting for me, but also the tournament organisers. I'm looking for a way to feel the people watching and crowd more. Maybe I should tune into a VR viewing party."

The Dota 2 Roadmap for the Rest of 2020

N0tail isn’t sure about what the near future looks like, however, he states that OG will continue to play in as many tournaments as they can.

"It's very hard to say what the future holds, as the season is unknown and it seems uncertain if we'll even have LAN tournaments for the rest of 2020. As long as Dota is going, OG will be playing. Even with TI being cancelled, we're hopeful something will replace it and give us a chance to show what we're capable of."

You can read the full interview HERE.

OG is currently competing in the OGA Dotapit League and is scheduled to compete in the ESL One Birmingham Online League: EU/CIS and the BLAST Bounty Hunt tournaments in the near future.

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