[Watch] syndereN outplays GH with 3 Healing Salves

Vignesh Raghuram
Published On: 

Daaaamn! syndereN just outplayed a TI-winning support. It wasn’t even one of the old-timers, it was Nigma’s GH. Who would have seen that coming?

In a high MMR European ranked match featuring the likes of MATUMBAMAN as well as our two protagonists SyndereN and GH, the pro-player turned commentator just outplayed GH with 3 consecutive healing salves. How? Well, take a look.

GH ended up losing this game after MATUMBAMAN put on a bonkers performance on his Chaos Knight with a 17/2/11 KDA and carried SyndereN’s team to victory. Now we’re not saying that GH only lost because of this outplay. But him getting baited in, by the Healing Salves that SyndereN used certainly didn’t help his team’s cause.

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