Dendi Considering a Role Change? Player Reveals his Thoughts on Podcast

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Dendi Considering a Role Change? Player Reveals his Thoughts on Podcast

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  • Dendi says he is considering a role change and talks about why he hasn't changed his role yet in the B8 Esports Podcast.
  • He also talks about his team's recent results and thanked his fans who have cheered for him.

After B8 Esports’ loss in the WePlay! Pushka League against FlyToMoon, they broke the record for the most consecutive losses in professional Dota 2 history. 

Many in the Dota 2 community stated that the team needs to change their roster or that Dendi needed to change his role in order to break the unprecedented losing spree. Well, it looks like Dendi has at least considered this option.

In a podcast on B8 Esports’ YouTube channel, when asked about whether he thinks about changing his role, Dendi stated that he has been considering it.

“Yeah, I was thinking about it really hard, even in the last few weeks. But it is also not a simple decision. I am ready to take any position that is needed for the team. But at the same time, if I am switching, I need to make sure that I can fully trust my midlaner. 

Because it is not like something is going to completely change if I switch positions and we find a person who is not capable of doing some things. For example, if he does not have enough experience, it is just gonna be the same thing.

I am definitely looking into options, to switch to other roles if it is necessary.”

B8 Esports Recent Results

Dendi also talked about the team’s recent results and thanked his fans. He stated:

“I worry and I care a lot about what people think and what people say towards our team. I understand that people are a little disappointed with the results.

I am disappointed a lot, it is a really depressing time for me, really rough times. But I hope people understand that our team is in building mode, so we definitely need some time to find the right setup and when we find the right approach. It’s not too easy, but as I said, we’re not singing and doing nothing, we’re working pretty hard everyday and I am just trying to fix things. We’ll see how it goes. I have no idea about what is going to happen in the next week or two. I hope we can change for the better.

I am still really grateful for those who still cheer for us, watching our games and writing to me. It’s very motivating”

You can watch the full video HERE.

B8 Esports failed to qualify for the playoffs of the WePlay! Pushka League tournament and hence won’t be in action in the next few days.

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