Russian Dota 2 Team Handed a Default Loss After All-Chatting Insults at Opponents

Russian Dota 2 Team Handed a Default Loss After All-Chatting Insults at Opponents

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • FlyToMoon 2.0 (FTM 2.0) was handed a default loss in their match against NOVA in the Isolation Cup: Closed Qualifier after their support Nofear insulted his opponent.
  • Both teams trashtalked each other, however, FTM 2.0's player Nofear was the only one to swear at his opponents.
  • Following this FTM 2.0's carry Illidan has left the team as a result.

The CIS Dota 2 scene was rocked by quite a significant drama earlier yesterday. In a Group Stage match at the Isolation Cup: Closed Qualifier, featuring ‘FlyToMoon 2.0 vs NOVA’, a controversy took place.

NOVA was handed a default win 2-0 win over FTM 2.0 by the admin of the game. The only explanation that the admin gave for this incident was: “Cursing is prohibited”

So what went down in this match? Did the admin make the right decision? We explore.

The Controversy

Game 1:

In game 1 of this series, NOVA’s offlaner Netrebsckiy “pjon-“ Maksym started all chatting as soon as the players loaded into the game and said: “hi to all the married guys". Immediately after, NOVA’s midlaner Melnick “lorenof“ Artem stated: “don't use all chat ever, animal".

pjon- didn’t comment on the FTM 2.0 players after this incident, in game 1. NOVA won the game convincingly in 41 minutes.

Game 2:

Game 2 started off with no all-chatting between the two sides except the usual ‘GL’s. However, after NOVA won a teamfight against FTM 2.0, pjon- took a shot at his opponents.

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15:36 (Nova) pjon-: Olds can't play anymore

FTM 2.0 support Alexander "Nofear" Churochkin paused the game and responded, saying:

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15:54 (FTM) Nofear: you think this is fine?

15:54 (FTM) Nofear: tier 3 f**ktard

15:54 (FTM) Nofear: to use the chat

15:54 (FTM) Nofear: you will eat s**t for the rest of your life

15:54 (FTM) Nofear: c******ker

15:54 (FTM) Nofear: brainless

NOVA’s carry spAce and Ilgiz “lowkez” Arduganov immediately apologized for their teammates behaviour.

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 15:54 (Nova) spAce:"sry guys :("

16:02 (Nova) lowkez: forgive the young and cocky.

Nofear decided to end this exchange by landing one last insult and resumed the game.

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16:28 (FTM) Nofear: let his mother forgive him for such son.

Following this exchange, the admin awarded FTM 2.0 a technical defeat, and Nova received a warning for spam pauses. He simply stated “Cursing is prohibited”, as the reason. 

Although NOVA’s players apologised for their teammates’ behaviour and offered to continue playing the game, both Nofear and Nongrata found pjon-’s words unacceptable. The admin at the Isolation Cup also did not change the decision to end the meeting with a technical loss.

Following this, FTM 2.0’s carry Ilya "Illidan" Pivcaev left the team. In his stream, he stated his reasons for leaving the team and commented that Nofear made the wrong decision but he still understood why he did so.

“He made the wrong decision, but I understand him. In ‘what’ he did, I support him. In ‘how’ he did this, I do not support him. I don’t think that in the official game some random *** can write whatever he wants and not get anything in return for that.”

Several other CIS personalities including former Virtus.Pro coach Arseniy "ArsZeeqq" Usov and Alliance’s Manager (Nofear’s wife) have expressed support for the player.

All translations courtesy: /u/Borsund

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