Dendi talks about B8 Esports' Losing Streak and Possible Roster Changes

Dendi talks about B8 Esports' Losing Streak and Possible Roster Changes

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • Dendi spoke about his team's 12 game losing streak on B8 Esports' Podcast.
  • He stated that these results were 'disgusting' and needed to be fixed in whatever way possible.
  • Roster Changes in B8 Esports might take place to fix the issues within the team.

Dendi's B8 Esports' has only won a single series since 2nd March 2020. They have a 1-22 win-loss record over the course of the past two months and have just looked terrible in general. In a recent podcast uploaded to his Youtube channel, Dendi spoke about this losing streak and possible roster changes to fix this.

Dendi's Comments on B8 Esports' Losing Streak

According to the player, B8 Esports showed some potential initially. However, because of the number of defeats, the team has lost faith in itself and is performing worse because of this.

“This is a very demoralizing state - there have never been such disgusting results. It is clear that we can't sit idly, we have to try to fix it somehow.

At first, although we had defeats, in those matches we fought and were very close to victories. There were, of course, moments when we flopped altogether indescribably - for example, in a match with - and it was very sad. After that, we are caught in a losing streak that we still cannot get out of. We began to lose everything. 

I feel that the guys lost faith: between themselves, and in each other, and in themselves, which is the most important.”

Incoming Roster Changes?

Dendi stated that they've looked at a variety of options to fix these issues, however, nothing has worked so far. So he stated that the team needs to resort to radical changes.

"We tried to fix it all. We worked every day (and that, too, maybe affected us because we didn't have a single day off). Every day we got together, we sat all day, we studied the games, we studied our opponents, we watched replays, we played scrims, we talk about everything - both the games and what has to be changed there. Then something seems to change, we swing, but this number of defeats, when you are one step away from winning and just lost, is demoralizing.

It puts everyone in a very negative state. Maybe somebody would have made some decisions much faster in my place, but in my vision, if there is a problem, you try to solve it. We've really been trying, looking for different options. You can see that it's not working. When you can't solve a problem, you have to make radical changes."

Dendi stated that they will be testing out newer players on a trial basis to fix the team. 

"We don't have the opportunity to train someone hard or test him out. We need to quickly find the options that suit us. In the next two weeks, we will try to get the team back to normal as quickly as possible. We will test different options for the players - I said this to everyone. This is absolutely normal, given what we have going on."

Recently, Greek players Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos and Kharis "SkyLark" Zafeiriou stood in for the team. 

Perhaps these were tests that Dendi spoke about.

You can listen to the full Podcast in Russian HERE.

B8 Esports will be facing VP Prodigy in the Epic Prime League Season 1 later today. If the team fails to win this matchup, the team will have lost 12 matches in a row.

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