322 at WePlay! Pushka League Division 2? Team Suspended

322 at WePlay! Pushka League Division 2? Team Suspended

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • CIS team Cyber TRAKTOR has been suspended from WePlay! Pushka League Division 2 tournament after allegations of intentional throwing their games.
  • Several bodies like WePlay!, V1lat and Cyber TRAKTOR have all conducted investigations.
  • The players are likely guilty according to these investigations.

WePlay! has suspended CIS team Cyber TRAKTOR from their tournament following allegations of intentional throwing (aka 322 in the Dota 2 world) their matches in the WePlay! Pushka League Division 2 tournament. Several parties have conducted their investigations and they all seem to point in the same direction: the team or at least some of their players are guilty.

These investigations all started when WePlay! suspended Cyber TRAKTOR earlier yesterday.

322 at the Tournament?

WePlay! stated that Cyber TRAKTOR was suspected to not be playing competitively in their match against Cyber Legacy. They suspect that the team was intentionally throwing the game since they had placed bets on some intermediate results of their matches.

“Our esports department and the analysts of WePlay! Pushka League carefully examined the matches and came to the conclusion that Cyber TRAKTOR, with a high degree of probability, made bets on some intermediate results of their matches. At this time, we are gathering evidence and investigating the situation.”

Hence the team has been suspended from the league for the time being.

V1lat’s investigation

Meanwhile, Russian analyst, V1lat has conducted his own internal investigation. He contacted various bookmakers and gathered details on an account that was only betting on Cyber TRAKTOR's games (Against VP.Prodigy and Cyber Legacy). With some help from these betting sites, he confirmed that these accounts belong to one of the Cyber TRAKTOR's players.

He also added that one player from the roster could not independently be involved since he could not get the desired results for winning the bets. Hence, according to the commentator, all Cyber TRAKTOR players were involved in these betting operations.

Cyber TRAKTOR's Response

Cyber TRAKTOR has responded to these allegations by announcing that they're conducting their own internal independent investigation. 

The team released a statement which reads:

"The first information began to come up in the morning, but by the evening we had already figured out the 2 players who might have been involved in this matter. We would like to remind you that the Dota 2 line-up on a test period, the players do not have any contracts with the organization, but only use the name CyberTRAKTOR.

We are already investigating all the possibilities and there is a high probability that the guilty player will be prosecuted for this matter. In case of irrefutable facts, players will be banned at other tournaments for life. We are also waiting for official confirmation from bookmakers and WePlay Pushka League.

At the moment the Dota 2 line-up will be suspended until all the circumstances are clarified".

The Cyber TRAKTOR players have not responded to these allegations, at the time of writing. Stay tuned to AFK Gaming for further updates on this situation.

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