S4 Says That TI10 Will Probably Not Take Place as Scheduled

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • In an interview with WePlay! S4 commented that he thinks that TI10 will probably not take place as scheduled.
  • He also suggested that Valve should delay the tournament by half a year.
  • He also commented on Dendi's B8 Esports and why he decided to make a return.

Alliance’s Swedish offlaner, Gustav "s4" Magnusson recently did an interview with WePlay! after he made his return to the Dota 2 pro scene after a long hiatus. He spoke about why he took this long break and why he waited until April 1 to make the announcement of his return. 

The Swedish player also spoke about the conditions in Sweden and his thoughts on whether plans for holding the International 10 in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2020 are still on track. From his statements, it doesn’t look like he is too optimistic about TI10 taking place, as scheduled.

Below are some of the most interesting topics from his conversation with WePlay!

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On whether the International 10 will take place and what Valve should do about it.

“I saw a week ago that Germany banned, you know, concerts and big stuff until August. I feel like it's not looking too hot. It's going to be in Sweden, but right now Sweden is not taking it that seriously. But I believe that soon it's going to start closing down and it's probably not going to happen. I'll be surprised if it does.

In my opinion, they should delay it and put it on different dates. Like delay it by half a year, put it in January or February. TI doesn't have to be in August, right?”

On why he took a Break from Competitive Dota 2

“After TI, I was pretty much taking a break. I was still with EG, so that's why I didn't go and join another team right away. I wanted to go play with some team after, but then I decided not to. And then I took a break. My initial plan was to take a break until next year. So even now, I wasn't planning to play even, but the Coronavirus thing started and I didn't have anything to do. I can't travel, so why not play some Dota, you know. And I actually find a lot of interest in Dota lately too.”

S4 Says That TI10 Will Probably Not Take Place as Scheduled

Image Courtesy: Alliance

His Thoughts on Dendi and B8 Esports

“I'm rooting for him because he's playing captain role from mid, I used to do that back in the days and I'm still doing it now but from the offline. It's not the easiest thing to do because you need to focus on your game out so that it's doable. Moreover, he's running his own organization, so. I remember watching the video he made. It's really good, I enjoyed it.”

On What Makes Someone a Good Captain

"A captain should be able to take responsibility. I think that's the most important thing about a captain or a leader. That's the captain, as a leader. If you don't take responsibility, then your team will lose trust in you and that can be damaging you because if people stop listening to you, then you're not a leader anymore. So taking responsibility is very key."

You can read the full interview HERE.

S4 rejoined Alliance on 1st April 2020 and has since then competed in the ESL One LA Online League - EU and CIS division where he secured an 8th place finish. He is currently playing in the WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: Division 1.

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